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Junior Masterchef Webquest

A Webquest for Middle Years students studying Food Technology and Home Economics

Candice Oliver

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Junior Masterchef Webquest

The Webquest Introduction Last year, the producers of the Australian Masterchef created a new competition called Junior Masterchef. In this competition, children aged between 8 and 12 are able to enter by applying to the TV show and demonstrating their amazing cooking skills to the judges. After reading hundreds upon hundreds of applications, the producers have chosen YOU and your partner to audition for the show. In order for the producers to make a decision about you being in the show, you must create a cookbook of recipes that you are confident in cooking and tell them why you think they will be the best meals for you to cook. Task You and your partner, will submit a small cookbook of your best recipes to the producers of Junior Masterchef. Your menu will include a starter, a main and a dessert. Your cookbook will contain the following: Yum Yum Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding Spaghetti Bolognaise Once your cookbook is completed, you will have a chance to cook one of the recipes you have chosen and judge some of the other contestants’ dishes. Your dish will also be judged by the official judges (teachers) to be scored and selected as a finalist for the show. The Contestants: YOU can be one of these guys! The Judges Your cookbook can come in paper or electronic form. The Process 1. Watch some YouTube episodes of Junior Masterchef to get an idea of what kind of food impresses the judges. familyfun.go.com/recipes/cooking-with-kids www.bestrecipes.com.au/category/For_Kids/index.html 2. Look for the recipes you would like to cook! Remember: 1 starter, 1 main and 1 dessert.
You also must be able to prepare, cook and clean 1 dish within 60 minutes. taste.com.au/recipes/collections/groups/kids+recipes 3. Research what cooking skills you will need for each recipe http://www.jamieshomecookingskills.com.au/skills.php http://www.reluctantgourmet.com/technic.htm 4. Research what equipment you will need http://englishwilleasy.com/english-through-pictures/place-english-through-pictures/kitchen-area/ http://dictionaryphoto.com/kitchen-equipment/ 5. Ask someone who spends some time in the kitchen about some safety issues of the recipes 6. Start writing your mini-cookbook!! :D 7. After cooking, collect a score sheet from your teacher and taste your fellow contestants meals and score them for appearance and taste. 8. Collect the score cards at the end of judging to use for writing your reflection.

In your reflection, you talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your dish. Talk about how you can improve it or what you would do differently next time.

Also, don't forget to talk about the best dish you tasted from your fellow contestant and tell us the reasons why.

Place your Reflection on Passmarc by the 23rd of November at 5PM. Evaluation Your cookbook and written answers will make 50% of your final grade. You will be marked on your spelling, grammar, the presentation of your cookbook and understanding of the theme.

The other 50% of your grade will be given for your cooked dish and your reflection of your performance. You will be marked on your time management, cleanliness while cooking, the finished quality of your meal and your reflection of your performance. Conclusion Congratulations! By now, you should be able to....

- know which kinds of food you love to cook
- know which kinds of food you can cook, the equipment you need and the safety issues you need to consider while cooking
- look and taste your food and other peoples food to decide whether they look and taste amazing or what you could do to make it better next time.

Well done for your participation in this years Junior Masterchef. We hope that you enjoy cooking forever! by Candice Oliver 1.The name, description and picture of your chosen dishes
2.The ingredients and method of cooking
3.The reasons why you have chosen these meals
4.The equipment that you will need to cook each dish
5.The reasons why you believe these dishes will win you a spot on the show
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