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Without VO - Sanki Presentation

No description

Sanki Global

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Without VO - Sanki Presentation

Improve digestion

Promote cellular regeneration

Naturally increase energy

Slow the aging process

Support weight management

Provide balance

Welcome to Sanki
What Does Sanki Mean?
The word "Sanki" has Japanese origins similar to our products.

What Our Products Do

10% of all revenues go toward R&D to ensure
ongoing innovations future products.

Our labs have received recognition in Japan,
Europe and featured on Pub Med.

Krono Wellness System
Krono Wellness System
Sanki Microscanner

We want to die young
at an old age.

Sanki Movement
I Live My Dreams
Key Health and Nutritional Trends in the United States

Our products address what
people are looking for!

Natural ingredients

Increased energy

Better digestive health

Weight management

Improved immunity

Wellness Advisors:

Purchase products at wholesale

Receive bonuses and commissions for
their referrals

Can create full-time residuals

You Can Flourish With Sanki
"No other trade or profession has more opportunity for one to rise from poverty to great wealth than that of a salesman."

- Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

Company Founders

We stand on the shoulders of those
who came before us.

Sanki was founded in the forges of failure.
5 years of failure until meeting the right
person and product to back effort and dreams.

Global Expansion
Innovation Partners

No market in the world is bigger
than the United States.

The United States will be a
launching point for the rest of
the world.

Having helped over 20
companies launch worldwide,
nobody is more prepared to
help Sanki.

Cash Rewards
Fast Start Bonus
Professional Sales
Pair Bonus
Coaching Bonus
Savings Fund
Fast Start Bonus
Example -
You enroll Peter and Peter then enrolls Joe & Ann
You Earn
Peter Earns
$30 for Peter (Premium)
$50 for Joe (Premium)
$30 for Ann (Executive)
$30 for Joe (Premium)
$20 for Ann (Executive)
You create Pairs from product sales of autoship and retail sales!
Pair Bonus
25% of Pairs
Savings Fund (Global Bonus)
9% of total company sales accumulate each leadership period (8-9 weeks) to be distributed among the qualified leaders.
You can be successful, it is yet to be determined if you will do what is necessary to be successful.
- Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World
Includes Business Portfolio
- 3 boxes of BelAge
- 3 boxes of Kronuit
Premium Pack - $285.00
Includes Business Portfolio
- 2 boxes of BelAge
- 2 boxes of Kronuit
Executive Pack - $205.00
Includes Business Portfolio
Basic Pack - $35.00
How to Start with Sanki USA?
Welcome to Sanki
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