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The Haudenosaunee

About The Haudenosaunee

Tyler Jermakowicz

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of The Haudenosaunee

Thanks for Watching By, Carter and Tyler What is the role and status of women within the Iroquois Confedaracy How was the Iroquois Confederacy structured? How did the Six Nations use the consensus-building process What are the advantages and disadvantages of consensus as a decision-making model for government? How did the social structure of the Iroquois Confederacy impact its political structure? How did the Wampum Belt address collective identity? To what extent did the decision-making process within the Iroquois Confederacy reflect democratic ideals of equity and fairness? A Wampum is strings or belts made up of white and purple beads that were cut from certain kinds of belts. The Wampum is used to suggest the seriousness of the message and for the sincerity of whoever made it. Women made the Wampum belts.

A Wampum keeper is who is responible for keeping the Wampum in safe keeping, also reading it. The Wampum keepers were chosen at a young age, younger then any of us. At this young age it was hard for them to remember what happened so they remembered it by telling it in a dramatic or poetic way.The reader of the Wampum had to read the Wampum by passing his hand bead by bead, using the textures on the Wampum to remind them of the events or the treaties it recorded.

Hiawatha was the maker of the first Wampum this is how he made the Wampum. Tadodaho (Ta-da-ho-do) was the Cheif of the Onondaga. This man was not interested in peace he was more of a evil man, he caused the death of Hiawatha's three daughters. In his sadness Hiawatha went to live in the forest. He put three shells on a string to reperesent his three daughters, this was the first Wampum. The Iroquois confederacy is like a huge longhouse that streches over the whole territory where they lived. The six nations Mohwak, Cayuga, Oneida, Seneca, Onondaga, and Tuscarora lived together under a roof as a family. The longhouse sheltered their bond with each other and it protected them from their enemies.

The leaders in Iroquois society were the cheifs. The great law stated that that it was their duty to be teachers and spirutal guides, and to remind the people that the creator wants them to live together in peace. The cheifs were treated with great respect because of their wisdom and other special qualities. They were considered the same as everyone else in society, not better or above others. They were the caretakers of the great law and had many responsibilites in many areas.

The cheifs looked after the welfare of their people and ran the affair of the clan, the nation, and the confederacy. They upheld the rule of law in their society. There were also,

War Cheifs:
They were selected by each of the nations to sit on the Grand Concil. In wartime, these cheifs had to gather warriors for fighting.

Pine Tree Cheifs:
Showed special abilities or had an interest in public affairs. They were selected to join the Grand Council by its cheifs The role of the women is being a clan mother, the clan mothers
were the leader of the clan. When the clan mother was done she usually passed the resposibility down to her relatives, sisters or her daughters. With the Great Law of Peace this gave the clan mother chieftainship titles. This means that the clan mother had the responibility of choosing the Cheif for her clan.

When a women got married there husband came to live in there familys Longhouse. If they had kids the kids belonged to the mothers clan. At the Longhouse the women raised corn, beans and squash. these foods are known as the three sisters. The women also owned the houses and the land.

In the womens family there is a chart of there family. It starts with there mother, father and siblings, then it expands out to there family clan. After the clan it goes to the nation that the women lives in. Finally it goes to the Union of Nations. Thats the Family of the Haudensaunee women. The great law has a system of desicion making that allows everyone a voice and requires the agreement of all. This type of desicion making is called consensus. It is another way that fairness and equality were maintained in Iroquios society. Consensus needs people to be open minded. They must be willing to think deeply about an issue and to listen to the ideas of others. The decision might not be their first choice, but they must be willing to support it in the best interest of the group. Decision Making is fair in this way because everyone gets a voice in the decision making. It all starts with the Mohawk and Seneca, they discuss issues and they make a decision by consensus. Next it goes to the Oneida and the Cayuga and they discuss the same issue, they make a dicision by consensus. Now there are two ways this can go, if the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida and the Cayuga all agree they go and confirm it to the Onondaga, then the Mohawk announce the decision, finally there is action taken on the decision, but if the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga and the Onondaga come to a different decision they set the issue aside until cheifs get advice from their community. The other way is the Onondaga refer the issue back to the Mohawk and Seneca then the process starts all over again. Desicion making in the Grand Council:

The Grand Council desicion making is laid out in the Great Law of Peace. The cheifs were divided by the nation for the discussions and each nation had a role. The Mohawk and Seneca, who were the first to join the Confederacy, they were known as the elder brothers. The Onondaga had the position of the fire keepers. The Oneida and Cayuga were called the younger brothers. The Onondaga were responsible for opening the Grand Council. The Haudenosaunee How did the Social Strucuture impacted it's political structure, here's how. It starts with the nations 50 cheifs who reperesent the Confederacy. With all the nations, each nation had cheifs, the larger nations in the Confederacy had more cheifs and the smaller nations had less cheifs. Here are the number of cheifs each nation has:

Mahawk- has nine cheifs
Oneida-has nine cheifs
Onondaga- has fourteen cheifs
Cayuga-has ten cheifs
Seneca- has eight cheifs

If the cheifs didn't do there job right or didn't follow any rules the cheifs could be removed then replaced. To get replaced they had to be:

-Committing a serious crime.
-Refusing to attend meetings of the Grand Council meetings.
-Not listening to and representing the views of the people.
-Disobeying the Great Law.
-Not acting with the welfare of the people in mind.
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