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Haile Middle School Engineering Chris G

to show what i can do

Chris G

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Chris G

Engineering Technology Chris Giles Per.7 E CAR BOAT Co2 dragster Businness Card Motor Propeller Battery Body Wheel Co2 Cartridge Motor Wheel Body Dog Horse Business Card The co2 Cartridge
is what you use to
shoot off the dragster The wheel is
what moves
the dragster This is the main part
of the dragster This is an example
of a business card Picture on my card Picture on my business
card The battery powers the motor to move the propeller The propeller is
what helps the boat move The motor is the main
part of the boat exam part sign part sign board How to make a p-b&-j step 1- the first step to making a p-b&-j sandwich
is to get out the 2 slices of bread. step 2 the second step is to get out the penutbutter and the jelly and the butter knife. step 3 the third step is to spread the penutbutter on to one slice of bread. step 4 the fourth step is to take the other slice of bread and
spread the jelly on the slice of bread step 5 the fith step is to place the two peices of bread together. step 6 the sixth step is after you do
steps one through five you get to eat
what you just made. What is cnc milling Windtunnel job reseme name : Chris G Phone number : 1-800-ask gary address : my house What i like to do : football , basketball ,
black ops , fishing , hunting , work (if i get payed). What work I like : yard work , computers
building stuff , Education : Haile middle school Objective : To get a job at a wood shop Types of truss systems:
Common,Scissors,Mono and flat:

Loads: a weight or mass that is supported

Tension: the process of stretching something tight

Compression: force bearing down on an object.

what is abutment? a place where objects meet.

what is a gusset plate? sheets of metal that connect beams and other things Nuclear engineering

Nuclear engeneering is the research and development of nuclear radiation. They devise how to use radio active materials, in things like manufacturing, medicine and many other ways. Most nuclear engineers develope and or operate nuclear power plants. They mightg also work on the nuclear fuel cycle. Some specialze in certain things, like the power sources of spacecraft and differant things like that I think it would be cool to be a nuclear engineer.
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