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What does 'Paper moon' mean?

It symbolizes the imagination of Blanche

Kevin Lim

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of What does 'Paper moon' mean?

Which scene?
Scene #7 Whole text of context. Story of this ballad song Meaning for Blanche Ironic part by Williams In reality, Blanche is a liar
who is corrupted. “It’s Only a Paper Moon, sailing over a cardboard sea - But it wouldn't be make-believe if you believed in me!"

Context: In Scene Seven, Blanche sings this popular ballad. The song’s lyrics
describes the way love turns the world
--> a “phony” fantasy. The speaker in the song says that if both lovers believe in their imagined reality, then it’s no longer “make-believe.”

Which sums up Blanche's approach
to the life She believes that her 'lie' is only
her means of enjoying a better way of life
and is therefore essentially harmless.

Which is ironic if readers approach to details of context While she sings....
Stanley tells Stella the details of Blanche’s sexually corrupt past.

Tennessee ironically juxtaposes
Blanche’s fantastical understanding of herself
Stanley’s description of Blanche’s real nature. Therefore.. Paper Moon Once Mitch learns the truth about Blanche,
he can no longer believe in Blanche’s tricks
and lies. Additional interpretation But we, humankind all have this dirty imagination in mind Human feign and fixes the past that is in chamber of mind. Past is a dirty,fixed,wrong information room that reflect what one did.
Current is what one see in shaped chamber but a transparent view itself, what one sees as itself.

Maybe women are more vulnerable to the present.

THESE definitions differentiate our view of life and mind. Got help by 'Sparknotes
& Total recall' Thank you
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