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unit 5 test

No description

Chance Williams

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of unit 5 test

Speciation may occur with reproductive isolation in three different ways through behavior isolation, geographic isolation , and temporal isolation.

Behavior isolation occurs when a species develops a difference in courtship rituals or other behaviors. Geographic isolation occurs when two populations are separated by geographic barriers such as rivers, mountains, or bodies of water. Temporal isolation occurs when two or more species reproduce at different times.
Describe how speciation may occur.
unit 5 test
extinction-some species become extinct because of the slow but steady process of natural selection. A mass extinction is an event during which many species become extinct over a short period of time.

punctuated equilibrium-is the term used to describe the brief periods of rapid change in a species.

gradualism-the idea that evolution happens slow and steady and species change slowly over time.

adaptive radiation-is the process by which a single species or a small group of species evolves over a relatively short time into several different forms that live in different ways.

Convergent evolution-Evolution produces similar structures and characteristics in distantly related organisms.

Coevolution-the process by which two species evolve in response to change in each other over time.
Descibe the six patterns of evolution mentioned in the text.
The first evidence of evolution is fossils of organisms that change and form int0 modern animals. The second evidence is homologous structures is that structures adapt to different purposes as the result of descent with modification from a common ancestor.
The third is vestigial structures are inherited from ancestors but have lost much of their original function due to different selection preassures acting on the descendant. The fourth is fincheswe have found on the galapagos islands and each finch on the different islands has evolved different beaks for their own diets of bark,insects, ants, and seeds.
what are some evidences that support evolution.
. Members of a population have a heritable variations

2.In a population, more individuals are produced each generations that can survive or reproduce

3.Some individuals have adaptive charecteristics that enable them to survive and reproduce better than other individuals

4.An increasing proportions of individuals in succeeding generations have the adaptive characteristics, due to the genetic inheritance of traits

5.the result of natural selection is a population adapted to it

Describe Darwin's five points of natural selection.
List the seven levels of classification and explain why binomial nomenclature is better than using common names.
Briefly state your own views on evolution and support your position.
I think evolution is partly real but from a religious point of view I think that the world was created using materials from other planets and that is how we got all the fossils.
Kingdom, phylum- class, order, , family, genus and species

It is better to use binomial nomenclacher because some animals have many names like a mountain or a cougar or a jaguar.
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