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on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Gunnamatta

Human Impacts
Coastal Formations

At Gunnamatta beach the main coastal formation are the sand dunes. The sand dunes are not well protected and maintained. People are able to walk all over the dunes destroying them.

vegetation is sort of healthy
sand dunes are not protected at all
Coastal Processes
Destructive waves- are waves with high energy. They are big and occur 15 or more times every minute. Destructive waves are what causes rocks and sand dunes to erode.
constructive waves- are waves with low energy making the waves have a stronger swash than backwash.
Longshore drift- is the way things move along the coast. The longshore drift moves in the winds direction.
Rips-are channels of churning choppy water. They have a difference in colour and if caught in one swim parallel to the beach.
Depositional- sea/waves that pick up and as they travel.
longshore drift
Destructive waves
Coastal Management Strategies
There wasn't many strategies implemented at Gunnamatta beach. A great boardwalk was built to stop people from treading on the sand dunes aswell as a couple of signs and a carpark. The management was very poor at Gunnamatta beach because people were still able to step on the vegetation and the sand dunes. Having lifeguards is a good strategy as it helps keep the public safe (especially how Gunnamatta is a popular surfing place), signs are also good because it can direct people to certain places and give them information about the place.
no fences or restrictions so no one can stop the dunes from getting destroyed
Gunnamatta beach wasn't well managed so their was many human impacts. The car park was built on the sand dunes which was really bad because as people walk on it the weight of all of the people makes the dunes shift. If this keeps happening, over time the sand dunes could collapse. The dunes along the beach don't have any protection so peole can walk sll over them. The beach is very badly treated and if this stays the same the beach is going to get destroyed. Fences should be put around the sand dunes so that people are unable to access it. This will allow the vegetation to grow. which means the dunes can't get blown away
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