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Native Americans

Created for revision purposes for the "American West" Module of my History G.C.S.E

Liam Fleming

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Native Americans

Americans Lifestyle Men Would Hunt Buffalo Women Had A Domestic Role They Would Dry Buffalo Skins,
Make Clothes/Tipis/Food
And Look After The Children The Children Acted As Unofficial
Lookouts They Would
Play On The
Edge Of The
Village And Warn
The Others If Any
Hostiles Entered The Elders Acted As Storytellers
And Helped Govern The Village Through
Councils. Culture Survived On The Buffalo For Everything Used It For Food, Clothes And Shelter They Were Nomadic Although They Stayed On The Plains Split Into Tribes, Which Were Led By Chiefs And Councils Of Men And Elders Also Governed These Warfare They Often Clashed
With The Whites Especially The Homesteaders and late Settlers Seen As Savage By
The Whites Because Of Their Brutal
Warfare Methods E.G:
Scalping (Which Was Done To Avoid Meeting The Enemy In The Afterlife) And Mutilation However They
Also Believed In
Bloodless Warfare
(Counting Coup) Beliefs They Were Very Spiritual. Performed Dances
To Contact Spirits. Like The Sun Dance Which
Involved A Child Becoming A Man
And Getting A Guiding Spirit Or The Buffalo Dance Which Supposedly Contacted The Spirits To Attract The Buffalo ( This Always Worked As They Did Not Stop Until The Buffalo Appeared) Hunting Survived Just By Hunting The Buffalo There Were 3 Methods Jump: They Would Chase the Buffalo
Off Of A Cliff Chase:
Chased Buffalo And Killed Them Pound:
Cornered and Killed The Buffalo
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