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Transfer Tips for Undecided Students

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bryan rufener

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Transfer Tips for Undecided Students

Bryan Rufener
TRiO Retention Specialist...and former undecided student Transfer Tips for Undecided Students Undecided? It's OK! You still need to transfer! Two Reasons to Transfer: TRANSFER TIP #1 TRANSFER TIP #2 Transferring is an Investment in YOUR Future #1 Preparation for a career or field (Purpose)

#2 Immerse yourself in content you like (Passion) - Make the most of general education classes to find what subjects you are passionate about. Make an appointment with your TRiO Adivsor to:

- Make an Academic Plan
- Choose exploratory classes
- Quarter by quarter Choosing your major/career sets the stage for your entire life... "Just give me the easiest classes" - No successful person ever TRANSFER TIP #3 The average person spends more time researching a used car than a career... Make an appointment with your TRiO advisor
-WOIS, Strong, MBTI
-Psych 140 (career/life planning) TRANSFER TIP #4 Sign up for a Campus Visit WHAT DO I DO NOW?... 1. Make an appt. with your TRiO advisor

2. Sign up for a campus visit Bryan Rufener - Retention Specialist
bryan.rufener@wwcc.edu TRANSFER TIP #5 Find Inspiration...
- Job shadow
- Internship
- Interview THANK YOU!
QUESTIONS? "Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true."
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