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Training at the EEA

This presentation shortly describes the way training is managed at the EEA and some of the training opportunities over here.

Luis Pinto

on 23 November 2010

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Transcript of Training at the EEA

Is training ... ... a right? ... or a duty? We can look at it as a responsibility
and an opportunity! - in connection to your CDC! At the EEA, we target an average of 10 days of training per year, per staff member. WHAT TRAINING? 12 categories 1. Organisational Management
2. Language Learning
3. Leadership & Management
4. Administration and Finances
5. Human Resources Management
6. IT Training
7. Personal Development and Interpersonal Skills
8. Communication
9. Well-being
10. EU Governance
11. Environment Related
12. EEA Specific you can get in... IN-HOUSE
Centralised EXTERNALLY
De-centralised For certain areas of formal training activities that are thought to be of high relevance to a large number of staff. Are organised by ADS to provide a common approach to how the training activities are conducted as well as economies of scale.
For very specific topics where a single member of staff signs up for a training activity which is not centrally organised training activities. Such training can take place outside the premises of the Agency.
special agreements
EC Training Catalogue
(includes e-learning)
EMEA – Agency in London
OHIM – Agency in Alicante
EAS – European Administration School
EIPA – European Institute of Public Administration

other external providers
training organisations / providers
open conferences / seminars
higher education institutions
Training at the EEA In-house Training Plan ADS1
training services
- Luis Pinto training courses / sessions
conferences / seminars
e-learning courses
external coaching
peer training / on-the-job
external voluntary work
self-directed learning / self studying How to apply? [check the EEA Training Policy] Where? ? ! ? ? ? !? ? ! settling in managing familly dealing with
administration geeting to know DK being in "transition" building
social networks WELCOME to the !
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