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White water rapids

No description

finlay harwood

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of White water rapids

White water rapids
This is an example of a man made rapid.
How they are created.
Four factors, separately or in combination, can create rapids: gradient, constriction, obstruction and flow rate. Gradient, constriction and obstruction are streambed topography factors and are relatively consistent. Flow rate is dependent upon both seasonal variation in precipitation and snowmelt and upon release rates of upstream dams
What fish are in white water.
The fish that are in the rapids are salmon and this are the risks they take.
What boats do you need?
You need to have a blow up boat. It is a material blow up boat to make sure when you hit rocks the boat doesn't burst.
This is one of the biggest waterfalls in USA.
What is the fun of white water
Paddling on rivers, lakes and oceans is as old as the Stone Age. The raft, the catamaran, the canoe and the kayak evolved depending on the needs and environment of the indigenous peoples in different parts of the world.

Fast white water rapids!
By Finlay Harwood
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