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Ziggy Marley- Roads Less Traveled

No description

Abri Arrington

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Ziggy Marley- Roads Less Traveled

"Conformity may dominate our lives, but there is always the chance to make a mark, to become more of an individual than a clone. Losing one's individuality and one's own mind is like dying. You are no longer yourself" -Gemma Truman
Ziggy Marley- Roads Less Traveled
This song represents individuality by promoting its listeners to be their own person. It also proves how valuable this trait is by demonstrating how a person can make their own decisions when they don’t want to conform with society.

David Nesta Marley (Dad gave him his nickname)
Born October 17, 1968 in Kingston, Jamaica
Formerly known as the son of Reggae Legend Bob Marley
Led the Melody Makers
Reason he wrote the song
How it Represents Individuality
I take the roads less travelled, I'm on my way
I take the roads less travelled, I'll see you again some day
I take the roads less travelled, well I'm on my way

When I was a young boy, people try to tell me what I should be
And then a wise man sang, decide your own destiny
Aunty said choices you make, chances you take
To be free, to be free, to be free, I got to be brave

Gemma Truman
It’s best to be your own person and be considered diverse among a crowd of sheep
The song promotes doing what you feel is right and is passing on a positive message
Motivates being brave and choosing your own destiny, no matter how different your path is
Hello, I'm Abri Arrington and I am going to talk about a song called "Roads Less Traveled" by Ziggy Marley and how it expresses individuality.
“I take the roads less traveled I’m on my way”
“And then a wise man sang decide your own destiny”
“And to be free to be free to be free you got to be brave”
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