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No description

Daniel C.

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Animals

What a fashion haircut!
Cute but freaky.
Live and Let Live. Save the Animals.
Forest Rain Frog
Mary River Turtle
Breviceps macrops
       he Mary River turtle is an endangered short-
necked turtle that inhabits the Mary River in South-East Queensland, Australia.
It hails from the Mary River which flows through the town of Maryborough in the south-east of the state of Queensland, Australia.
Adult Mary River turtles have an elongated, streamlined carapace that can be plain in color or intricately patterned. Overall color can vary from rusty red to brown and almost black. The plastron varies from cream to pale pink. The skin coloration is similar to that of the shell and often has salmon pink present on the tail and limbs. The iris can be pale blue.
The lurid green Mohawk is actually a type of algae, growing on the turtle’s skin.

Friday, April 25, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 506
Horsfield's Tarsier
Standard-winged Nightjar
Is that your fan?
Southern Sumatra,Boreo
n fact, this bird is named for its truly bizarre
giant pair of wing feathers, which can extend for over 35 centimeters (14 in). These giant, stalked feathers are actually longer than the bird’s entire body. The strange plumage accessories fly in the face of sensible aerodynamics and are therefore moulted out when they are not needed to impress females during the breeding season. The birds put on a rather spectacular group mating display and still manage to fly reasonably well despite the extra baggage. At first glance, the nightjar in flight looks like a group of three different birds.
You Don't Know About
Devil Do No Evil
Tasmanian Devil
asmanian Devil is a carnivorous
marsupial which is only found in Australia. These dog-size creatures are famous for their loud and disturbing screech. Actually, the name "devil" just comes from its creepy sound.

However, a cartoon named "Taz-Mania" lets the Tasmanian Devil be the main character. In the cartoon, the Taz has fierce tempers, strong jews and undesirable noise as well.

Costly Coffee Cat
Civet Cat
espite the name "cat" , Civet Cat is not
really a cat. Being a relative of raccoons, civet cat is famous for its civet cat coffee. Now 70 USD per 100 grams, it seems that people loves these coffees wherever they came from. But the processes are actually cruel - which makes scientists figure out using the germs in the intestine of the civets. Sooner or later, having a civet cat coffee with cheap price and morality may not be a dream anymore.
Ducks not Quack
latypus is a egg-laying,
duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal which frightened the naturalists when they first encountered this strange animal. Came from the same hometown as Tasmanian Devil, platypus do has its unique feature. What rarely known by people is that male platypus is poisonous and can make human hurt.
he desert rain frog is small,
plump species with bulging eyes, short limbs, spade-like feet and webbed toes. On the underside it has a transparent area of skin through which its internal organs can be seen. Its color is yellowish-brown and it often has sand adhering to its skin.
They are nocturnal, spending daytime in a burrow where the sand is moist, and wandering about the surface of the dunes at night.
Thank You For Your Listening
However, these cute frogs are listed as "vulnerable", for the sake of opencast diamond mining, road making and increased human settlement.
Macrodipteryx longipennis

South America
pig or mouse?
Dumbo octopus
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