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The Life of King Henry VIII

No description

Oliver Eras

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Life of King Henry VIII

King Henry the 8th Written by: Oliver Eras King Henry the 8th was the reigning king of England and Ireland from April 21, 1509 – January 28, 1547. King Henry the 8th was also the second monarch of the House of Tudor. Henry was considered an attractive and an educated king in his reign and has a reputation as "one of the most charismatic rulers to sit on the English throne". Besides being a king, he also engaged himself as an author and composer. Who was King Henry the 8th Early years King Henry the 8th was born in Greenwich Palace, England. He was the third child of King Henry the 7th and Elizabeth of York . Out of the young Henry's six siblings, only 3 had survived infancy; Arthur - Prince of Wales, Margaret, and Mary. At the age of three Henry was already Earl Marshal of England, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Duke of York, and Warden of the Scottish Marches. Henry was given first-rate education and becoming fluent in Latin, French, and some Spanish and Ancient Greek. But as he grew up, the throne was expected to be passed to Prince Arthur, his older brother. However, on 1502, Prince Arthur died at the age of 15, this meant that the throne will be most likely to be passed on to Henry the 8th. Reigning Years King Henry VII died on April 22, 1509 which meant that Henry the VIII was going to be the reigning King of England. On June 23, 1509 King Henry had his ceremony of his crowning with his wife Catherine of Aragon. After the ceremony the wife of Henry, Catherine, was pregnant, but the baby died whilst being inside the mother's womb. Right about four months later, she became pregnant again. Then on New Year's Eve a baby, Henry VIIII, was born. But, unfortunately the baby died 7 weeks later. All these events happened when King Henry was only 18 years old. Reigning Years The Wives of Henry VIII King Henry VIII had 6 wives because he was considered one of the most attractive kings. The first spouse that he married was Catherine of Aragon. They had 4 children but only one had survived from infancy; Mary. And at the same time, King Henry had a few mistresses, which caused many problems for the couple. The second wife of Henry was Anne Boleyn. They had two weddings due to being unlawful, and both were kept private. The third wife was one of Henry's mistress, Jane Seymour, but later became a wife. The fourth was Anne of Cleves and was a German noblewoman at that time. The fifth spouse of Henry was the young Catherine Howard who was Anne Boleyn's first-cousin. The sixth and the last wife was the wealthy Catherine Parr who had a total of four husbands, Henry being the third. Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour Anne of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr Wife Number: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Later in life, Henry became obese. He could only go to places with the help of mechanical inventions. Henry was also going through pus-filled boils and suffered a disease called gout. These medical problems started when he had a jousting incident in 1536 and suffered a leg wound. This was his second time he endured a leg injury, and this second one was truly difficult to treat.
King Henry died at the age of 55 on January 28, 1547, which would have been his father's 90th birthday if he were still alive. He was buried next to one of his wife, Jane Seymour, in St. Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle. The Final Years of King Henry VIII King Henry's Accomplishments - Continued the Tudor rule with King Edward VI, Queen Elizabeth I and "Bloody" Mary. - He was named"Father of the English Navy." - Changed English religion to Protestant Religion and established the Church of England. Catherine of Aragon Catherine Howard THE END!
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