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Conjunctions! Part 2

No description

Diane West

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Conjunctions! Part 2

Conjunctions! Part 2
Simple Sentences: a review
A group of words that
includes a SUBJECT and a VERB
expresses a complete idea
Clauses: two types
Independent clause

Dependent clause
Independent and Dependent Clauses
clause: A group of words that expresses a complete idea and that includes a SUBJECT and a VERB.
It can stand alone as a simple sentence

clause: A group of words that includes a SUBJECT and a VERB, but
it cannot stand alone as a simple sentence
Compound Construction: Last Time
Compound subjects
Compound verbs
Compound objects
Compound Sentences:
Yes or No?
1. We drove to the diner, but the health department had shut it down.
2. Previous customers were suffering from swollen throats, puffy eyelids, and itchy elbows.
3. If we had eaten there, we wouldn't be at school today.
Clauses: something new
A group of words that
includes a SUBJECT and a VERB
sometimes expresses a complete idea, sometimes does not express a complete idea
How do they differ?
Compound Construction: Now
Compound sentences: two or more independent clauses
Challenge yourself to use different subjects in your independent clauses.
Describe what is happening in the image using compound sentences.
A task
What kinds of clauses can you find in the following sentences?

1. I really wanted that giant Twizzler.

2. The dog was really sad, yet he was still happy to see me.

3. While I do like pie, I hate cake.
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