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Old Cat Kidney Failure

No description

Darryl Young

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Old Cat Kidney Failure

Elderly Cat Kidney Failure
Darryl Young
Jacob Glasek
What causes a kidney to fail?
High blood pressure
hereditary disease
blockage in kidney
consuming poison
physically injured kidney
Chronic vs. Acute
Kidney Disease
Untreated Kidney Failure
Many problems can occur like anemia

Cat will ultimately die but treatment is better because
- lengthens time
- quality of life
Second Opinion?
Systems Affected
Urinary system
Circulatory system
Respiratory system
Musculoskeletal system
Nervous system
essentially every system is affected
Weight check
General physical
Blood pressure measurement
Blood Tests
Ultra Sound
Treatment Options
Low-Ash Cat Food
Peritoneal Dialysis
Drug to help Kidney
The Better Diet
Other Treatment Options
Kidney Transplant
ash is no longer a factor
mostly to do with acidity in food
pH neutral food is a better option
wet food
less protein content
low phosphate content
increase fatty acids
pH neuttal food
takes the waste away from blood
must visit vet every 3 days
other treatments will be given
acute - until recover
chronic - for life
Occurs over a longer period of time
Is irreversible
if acute, can save cats life - allow him to live a normal life
if chronic, can allow cat to live for another year
boosts quality of life
can be taken home after three weeks
monitored by vet
Happens over a shorter period of time
Temporary if treated early
Is reversible
very expensive
must stay in the hospital for 3 weeks
acute - only 1/2 recover from it
chronic - on in for life
10% of kidney function
Baytril (Enrofloxacin)
Common drug for kidney disease
Kills bacteria deep in kidney’s (other drugs can’t touch)
Can only be used daily for 30 days (Dose 5mg/1kg of cat)
little side effect other than rare retinal problems
Stops urinary infections in cats effectively
new type of fluid therapy
can be done at home
Cat can't take in enough fluid, so fluid is injected under the skin
Amount of fluid changes depending on sevarity
Can be used at home
People do not want to administer the drug themselves
For chronic kidney disease
Performed after dialysis
New technology for cats
Available only in certain countries by specialists
To date, does not have a high success rate and is unethical
Working to improve success rates for cats like they have done for humans
treatment for what is causing kidney failure

other drugs
anabolic steroids
The Normal Kidney Function
controls electorates
manages blood pressure
creates vitamin D
regulates red blood cell production
remove waste products

Slides to do
chronic vs acute (+chronic, +acute)
What causes kidney to fail
low-ash cat food (+beter diet)
untreated kidney failure


Slides to do
The Normal Kidney Function
Systems Affected
Second opnion (+say "Treatment Options")
Peirtioneal dialysis (+ad, +dis, +kidney transplant, +sub-q)
other treatment options
What we think treatment options should be

Esentially it is back and forth with me starting
+ are the slides within the main slides
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