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Welcome to our Class

How well do you know your classmates?

Jamie Christensen

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of Welcome to our Class

How well do you know your classmates? Good? Great? A little? A lot? Not at all? Well, let's change that! Let's play Guess WHO! Can you guess which of your classmates loves to play basketball? Who knows how to speak Spanish? Eats a lot because he's growing so fast? Can roar like a lion, really well? How are you doing so far? Can you guess who likes to play tackel football? How about who broke their arm on the monkey bars? Guess who likes to collect bugs? This student LOVES to climb trees! Can you guess who love Bakugon and playing cards? This student was born in Minnesota and lived there until they were one! Guess who likes to make funny faces??? Are you doing well? How many have you gotten right so far? This student plays ice hockey Can you guess who really likes to write? This student really loves soccer This guy tells really funny jokes! Hey Jaxon, tell us a joke! This student has the nickname Moo Moo because she loves milk! Guess who lost 3 teeth this summer?!? This classmate is such a good artist she entered
a piece of art into the Edmonds art fair and won! Hailey This student was born in Colorado! Can you guess who has 3 brothers? Hayden! This student was named after a great archer
who fought agains evil! Can you guess who it is?? PARTH! Megan Anthony Donny Cordelia Brogan Justine Makenna Abigail Sydney Parker Rohan Eric Quin Erin Ty Chloe Jaxon Dominic This student loves to play soccer and football! Jose!! I hope you all feel like you
know your classmates a little better!
Here's to a great year!
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