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Argentina Culture Project

No description

Emily Hinkie

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Argentina Culture Project

Argentina Exploring a new culture The Food Argentine cuisine is a cultural blend of influences from Spain and Italy. Consumption of beef is hugely important in the diet of native Argentinians. Asado (their equivalent to barbeque) is also wildly popular! Eating is a large part of Argentinian culture as many social events are centered around the consumption of food. Another food that is common and well-loved are empanadas. The Music Argentina's music tradition dates back almost
500 years ago. This is influenced by native
Argentine traditions as well as immigrant cultures.
A particular instrument called a bandoneon
(pictured below) is essential for many of these
music styles. Folk music is also a large part of the
Argentine music culture. The Flag Argentina's national flag is a horizontal triband of two light blue stripes with a white stripe in the center. In the middle of the white stripe is a sun.
there are many variations and guesses to the meaning and representation of this flag, but the most accepted theory is that the colors represent the blue sky and clouds the way they appeared the day the revolution against Spain began in 1810. The sun is an exact replication of the sun that was engraved on the first Argentinian coin. The Dance The most loved and well-known dance in the Argentine culture is most definitely the tango (one of the most popular tangos is the background music to this, El Choclo). This music and dance originated at the end of the nineteenth century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. It is a dance for partners that requires control and fast paced, choreographed movement. The Religion Catholicism plays a major role in the religion of
Argentina. As a matter of fact, approximately
90% of Argentinians are Roman Catholic. Despite
these staggering statistics, less that 20% attend
church regularly. Most only attend for major
holidays and celebrations! The Roman Catholic churches in Argentina are very large and intricately decorated. Historical Places Argentina is so full of historical sites, it's
practically bursting at the seams. This is due to the
age of the country as well as the age old culture.
Some of these include La Casa Rosada, which is the
pink mansion in which the president lives, the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden, and the Pizzurno Palace. (all pictured below) Interesting Facts Argentina declared independence from Spain on July 9, 1816
Argentina is the 30th largest country in the world by population.
The average life expectancy is 76 years.
Soccer is the most popular sport in Argentina.
Argentina is divided into 23 provinces.
A major export of Argentina is wine.
The Argentine government estimates that about 750,000 people living in Argentina are illegal immigrants. To Sum it Up... Argentina is a country that is richly saturated with culture and tradition. It is fascinating to discover another part of the world, and the differences that that brings.
Argentina is full of passion and experience.
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