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Target Co. In Sydney, Australia

No description

simone sterling

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Target Co. In Sydney, Australia

History of Target
Background of Sydney, Australia
Key Questions
Marketing Mix
Should We Expand?

Marketing Mix
Image by Tom Mooring
Target Co. In Sydney, Australia
Key Questions for Operations in Sydney
Australian Demographics
History of Target Co.
Should we expand?
In 1902, Target was established under the name “Dayton Dry Goods Company"
Founded by George Draper Dayton (headquarters in Minneapolis, MN)
Dayton’s sons and grandsons expanded the business into the nationwide retailer Target Corporation.
Target expanded into suburbs and broadened the product line divisions providing variety to every age group.
On May 1, 1962, Target's first grand opening in Roseville, Minn.
Target Co. is located in the US and opened its doors in Canada in 2013
Market Saturation
Target Australia
Target Canada
Bright Spots
Marketing message:
Cause marketing
local charity: United Way
Social media
Personal selling
Low and affordable prices
Using Variable Cost
Penetration Pricing
Outskirts of Downtown Sydney, Australia
Joint Venture
Superstore and accessed online
Easy Adaptation
Target should not move forward with expansion into Sydney
Strong leadership and training
Feed Brand
Out of the box marketing
Exceptional customer service
Capitalize on "going green"
Customer loyalty
Has had some lawsuits
High Prices occasionally
Lack of global presence
Example: Canada
Secondary data
Scope of data
Age of data
K-Mart: low prices
Target Australia
Shifts in the economy
Current Business Model
Practices fair business
Offers dependable merchandise under an assortment of departments.
Philosophy: giving back to the communities in which they are located.
Target Foundation
Target Wedding and Target Baby
Population: 22 million
Sydney has highest population of 4.42 million.
Age demographic:
Life expectancy: 81.9
Ethnic groups:
92 percent White
7 percent Asian
1 percent aboriginal
Distribution of age:
42% of population is ages 25-54
All age brackets more females than males.
Aboriginals migrated from Maritime Southeast Asia and New Guinea over 50,000 years ago.
Europeans did not begin settling the country until 1788
The White Australia Policy was enacted in 1901 and lasted through 1973.
Australia has been in 10 wars, all of which were started by other nations.
How should we adapt?
What resource requirements are necessary?
Entry strategy?
Can Target find a niche in the market?
Multiple departments: 75
Tailored to the Australian culture.
Lowest prices to high quality products.
Leading innovation by providing:
Trendy styles
From high end designers.
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