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The Smart Shower

No description

Maddie Knowles

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of The Smart Shower

Ultimate Appliances
Alyssa Smock, Julia Hernandez, Madison Knowles, and Takira Hodges
Our Group:
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)- Maddie Knowles

Manufacturing Executive (ME): Alyssa Smock

Advertising Executive (AE): Julia Hernandez

Technology Executive (TE): Takira Hodges
The Smart Shower
Our demographic target:

"Luxury at your fingertips"
Upper class people all around the world
Print Ad- Car dealerships, beauty shops, high-end stores (i.e. Guess), etc.
Radio Ad- Various different stations; pop, rap, country, rock, soul, etc.
TV commercial- Various different TV stations such as: ESPN, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.
The Smart Shower: Eco- Friendly
Ultimate Appliances Website
About Us:
Ultimate Appliances is a company that strives to meet the basic needs of the global population. We sell luxurious appliances that tie in today’s technology with appliances such as washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, refrigerators, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and more. Our employees are guaranteed to do everything within their being to make technological advancements in these general appliances. We strive to make the world a better place by improving technology, helping our global environment, and satisfying our customers.

This appliance is a automated machine that cleanses one's body through a seven minute process. It is designed to clean the body, wash the hair, and allow the user to relax during the process. One has always hoped to have a peaceful shower and with The Smart Shower that is exactly what one will have!
Water conservation shower head
Water proof tablet
Robotic Arms/loofahs
Organic Soap
Advertising techniques-
Wealthy Areas
TV and radio stations (morning and night)
Snob Appeal
Have you ever wanted the ultimate appliance? The appliance that just allows you to relax and takes care of everything for you? Don't you hate getting home from a long day at school or work and having to hassle around with other things? Well we have the appliance for you, The Smart Shower! Everything is done for you and you have luxury at your fingertips!!!

About us
Parts of management
A product overview
Our demographic targets
How our product is eco-friendly
Advertising strategies
Walk-through of why we created our website
Preview of website
This presentation will feature:
Product Overview:
The Smart Shower is an appliance that allows you to relax. It is designed to cleanse you by using robotic machinery and a specialty shower head. This shower only operates for seven minutes and goes through the similar process of a car wash. All you have to do is pick your settings on the waterproof tablet and hit go! Then if you choose to you can listen to music, play games, social network, or check out the latest news on your waterproof tablet! This is yours for $6,000! ($5,300 for appliance, $400 for labor, $200 f0r installation and $100 for shipping.)
Features of The Smart Shower
Robotic machines (Hands and loofahs)
Specialty shower head
Water proof tablet
Water proof speakers
Organic soap
Why we chose this product/what inspired us to make this?

Why this product is needed and important?
The Smart Shower
Purpose of colors/fonts
Walk through of website
Discuss every page
Conclusion and credits:
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