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No description

Josh Dronen

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Characterization

Who's In The Story?



Types of Characters
1. Appearance: What does the character look like?
Character Description
1. Problem/Conflict: What is the character’s trying to overcome?

2. Goal: What does the character want to happen by the end of the story?

3. Outcome: How does the end of the story affect the character?
Character Development
What is the author’s purpose in creating this particular character in this particular manner?
Author's Purpose
How does this contribute to the plot, other
characters and major themes?
Take a couple of minutes and think of your favorite movie. Who was your favorite character in that movie? Why? What did they contribute to the overall movie?
How would the movie be if they were not in it?
Characters are the story

Characters give you the main plot and conflict in the story.

Well-told stories populated with dynamic, dramatic characters with larger than life passions.
A complex character that develops throughout the story.
A major character who encounters conflict and is changed by it
A complex and fully developed character
A character
described by one
or two traits
A character that
does not change from
the beginning of the story
to its end
Think about it...
Turn to you neighbor and discuss the following question
Characterization is the method used by a writer to develop a character

character's appearance
character's actions
character's thoughts
Speech and actions of other characters.
2. Personality: How would you describe the character’s personality?
3. Insights: What are the character's most important thoughts/feelings
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