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1.04: The Golden Age of Islam

No description

Autumn Schoeffel

on 29 July 2016

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Transcript of 1.04: The Golden Age of Islam

1.04: The Golden Age of Islam
1.04 Golden Age of Islam: Honors Assessment
Modern Society considered to be in the "Golden Age"

21st Century: Environmental Awareness
Medical/Scientific Contributions
Conflicts and natural disasters often contaminate the human environment with toxic substances and hazardous waste. Even when short-term, exposure may not be life threatening, pollutants can present significant long-term risks to public health. In the hours and days following an emergency, the identification of environmental risks to public health should be a top priority.
Environmental impacts that can affect humanitarian activities:
Contamination by chemicals, hazardous waste and weapons
Release of asbestos from collapsed buildings
Presence of debris and carcasses
Unsafe chemicals management
Humanitarian activities that can cause new environmental impacts:
Improper management of healthcare waste and expired medicines
Improper management of chemicals required for health protection
Improper managements of waste, debris, carcasses
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