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Red Tide I.S.P.

No description

Aaron Rosen

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Red Tide I.S.P.

Should More Money be Spent on Preventing Red Tide?
Aaron Rosen
Ms.Pearce's Class
Grade 4
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Table of Contents
Title page
Table of contents
Red Tide introduction
Mini question #1
Mini question #2
Mini question #3
Mini question #4
Mini question #5
Mini question #6
Ending slide
Red Tide?
What is Red Tide and why is it bad?
Locate Where and Where not Red Tide is Common.
Red Tide happens most often along the gulf side of Florida
In 2013 almost all the Red Tide was found in Florida
Red Tide can happen anywhere in the world
Coming from the coast of southern Pinellas county along the coast to the Florida Keys
Diagram how Red Tide Kills Marine life.
Measure the Dead Fish on a Beach With Red Tide.
Build a Model of a Beach With and Without Red Tide.
My Bibliography
The End
If you eat things that died from Red Tide you may get side affects like a tingling feeling in the mouth, lips, tongue or face
Causes people to cough if they breathe in the air while near a Red Tide
Scientists are not 100% on what causes Red Tide
there are many different theories on what causes Red Tide
Some people think it is natural occurring, others think it is from pollution
Some people think it is just one of nature's ways of balancing out the amount of marine life in the wild
Since 2013, over 585 manatees died from Red Tide because they eat plants with toxins and harmful algae on it then they get paralyzed and can't get air so they drowned
Show the Effects of Red Tide.
beach shoreline = 24 km
total shoreline = 39.429 km
Over approximately 106 dead fish in an 850 squared feet area (50 feet long of shoreline)
Beach Shoreline
24km x 3,280 feet = 78,720 feet
78,720 feet ÷ 50 feet = 1,574.4 feet
1,574.4 feet x 106 fish = 166,886.4 fish

Therefore there are over approximately 166,886.4 dead fish on the beach shoreline.
Total Shoreline
39.427km x 3280 feet = 129320.56 feet
129320.56 feet ÷ 50 feet = 2586.4112 feet
2586.4112 feet x 106 fish = 274159.58 fish

Therefore there are over approximately 274,159.58 dead fish
on the total shoreline.
Red Tide happens when there is a Harmful Algal Bloom, or "H.A.B." for short. The H.A.B. is the result of a massive reproduction of algae. Therefore the H.A.B. releases toxins that get into the water the fish end up dieing. The toxins also get into the air which is the reason the people around a Red Tide start coughing. Also, since the toxins get in to the fish, if someone eats the fish (not a crustacean) they can get some fatal side affects which I will talk about later. When the toxins get on plants that animals like manatees eat, then the manatees eat the plant and get paralyzed so they can't swim to the surface and get air, so they drown. That is the basic and general information about Red Tide.
January 2012
January 2013
Kills manatees because the algae that causes Red Tide gets on the plants they eat so they get paralyzed and drown.
Kills fish because the algae that causes Red Tide gets in the water so the fish get paralyzed and drown.
Sanibel Island, Florida, U.S.A.
“Algal Blooms in the Ocean”. Water Science and Issues.2003.2, 24 and 25.

Dasch, Julius. “Algal Blooms, Harmful”. Water Science and Issues.2003.1, 16 and 17

Unauthored, “Florida Red Tide and Current Status” Florida Wildlife Conservation
Commission, April 19 2013 http://myfwc.com/research/redtide/events/status/

Unauthored, “What is The Red Tide?” Patagonia Argentina, updates daily

Unauthored, “Florida Red Tide” Mote Marine Laboratory, updates daily http://www.mote.org/index.php?src=faq&category=Florida%20red%20tide#3
Barber, H & Sons, “Red Tide = Dead Fish = ‘Get Rid of the Dead Fish!’” Beach Cleaner
Informational Resource, March 8 2012 http://www.beachcleaner.com/1/post/2012/3/red-tide-dead-fish-get-rid-of-the-dead-fish.html

McClam, Erin and Potter, Mark, “Paralyzing algae is killing manatees at record pace in
Florida” U.S. News on NBC News March 11 2013 http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/03/11/17268832-paralyzing-algae-is-killing-manatees-at-record-pace-in-florida?lite

WBBH-TV, “Experts Warn of Red Tide Health Risks” NBC NEWS February 28 2013

Bryce, Emma. “A Red Tide Epidemic?” The New York Times, September 13, 2012, 1&2
*World Wide Web*
In conclusion I think that because of the research that I have done, yes, we should spend more money on preventing Red Tide because, one, it kills fish and marine mammals, and secondly there is barely anything good about Red Tide for humans, as I displayed in my Pros and Cons chart, so I think we should spend more money on preventing Red Tide.
Thank You For
My Presentation

*Newspaper and Magazine Articles*
850 squared foot area
850 squared foot area
Full transcript