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AOMC - trivago insight presentation

Always On Masterclass 2014

Liam Anderson

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of AOMC - trivago insight presentation

Always on Masterclass 2014
trivago insight presentation
Some information about
the trivago consumer
part 2.
the trivago customer relationship

trivago is currently the largest hotel price comparison and information website worldwide
A competitive set worth £37m in the last 12 months
TV takes 82% share
trivago has a 47% share of voice
Radio only takes 1% share of media spend
two demographically aligned groups, separated by age
The trivago consumer
upmarket independent travellers
1. age 25-34 - social explorers
2. age 55+ - ski'ers (spending the kids inheritance)
part of a repertoire of sites used during holiday planning and often partnered with a flight aggregator like
Price and destination motivation of this market means little brand loyalty, but trivago's price guarantee puts them in a strong position. Market domination ensures front of mind presence
strong social presence with over 1.4ml Facebook fans
current competitor set
Only Kayak and Hotelscombined are 'true' competitors, as they operate a similar business model.
trivago aggregate results from many of these operators. However they are competing for consumers attention from a media point of view
Privately owned although Expedia purchased a majority stake in 2012
It is a metasearch site, aggregating and consolidating price quotes from 100+ booking websites
competitive context
Social Explorers
heavy commercial radio listeners
selective TV viewers
heavy online users
light press consumers
This audience are very heavy, yet selective consumers of media. TV viewing is likely to be appointment to view with on demand services indexing highly. Commercial radio is high on their media agenda.
OOH recognition is also high
Very high levels of smartphone and tablet ownership.
selective commercial radio listeners
selective TV viewers
light online users
heavy press consumers
Very selective commercial radio listeners, although Classic FM, LBC and Gold index highly. Selective TV viewers - very much appointment to view, preferring news, documentaries and dramas. Their favourite media is press, particularly newspapers, with midmarket and quality titles indexing well.
Online use is light (although increasing) with email and shopping being the key activities online. Mobile and tablet ownership is currently low but on the rise
Social Explorers
I tend to buy from companies who sponsor music events (i273)
I prefer to take holidays off the beaten track i259
I am influenced by online comments and reviews i202
I check my social networks every day i165
I have a keen sense of adventure i152
I find advertising a waste of my time i189
I read the financial pages of my newspaper i170
I tend to opt for premium rather than standard goods and services i146
If I trust a brand, i buy it without looking at the price i139
The increase in TV channels is leading to a dilution of quality i148
32% of traffic comes from search engines and users spend almost 4 minutes on the site (source: Alexa)
Source: Nielsen AdDynamix
Source: TGI Q4 2013, RAJAR Q3 2013
Source: TGI Q4 2013, RAJAR Q3 2013
Source: TGI Q4 2013
Media Recommendations - Initial Thoughts.
Station Selections
Classic FM will reach the older segment of the audience, whilst Heart and XFM will influence the younger independent travellers. LBC has good reach amongst both sections of the audience
Measurability is key for trivago, so for an initial test campaign we should consider AVs and CRM, to drive people through to the website. They measure campaigns on web hits so everything should direct towards trivago.co.uk. We know that they aren't interested in sponsorship because they want to see instant results.
Following the insights gauged from our bespoke research it is apparent that trivago have to reeducate the audience. There isn't a problem with awareness but they do need to talk about what makes them different. The fact that making trivago your first port of call can save you time and money. There is also a hypothesis that their current campaign is too male oriented so radio could play a role in reaching this audience
Thanks for viewing.
Music: Mint Royale - Grin
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trivago has contributed to a shift in consumer perception as to what products constitute good value for money (source: Mintel - Holiday Review Jan 2014)
Real World Insight...
We sent out a questionnaire across the company to gauge attitudes towards travel and holiday planning
80% of respondents use review sites
Trivago has 100% awareness but only 37% of respondents have used the service
In comparison both Laterooms and Expedia have 95% awareness, and 74%/67% usage respectively
Those surveyed look for usability and preferential/guaranteed rates as the most important factors
60% of those surveyed don't know how Trivago differentiates itself from the other brands in the competitor set...
The younger end of the market are more likely to do all research online, but they are less likely to use Trivago.
Males are more likely to have booked using Trivago than females, who are more likely to favour laterooms, booking.com and expedia
Those that travel alone or with friends are likely to do all of their research online. But only 33% understand that Trivago can save them time and money
Source: Global Radio Internal Questionnaire
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