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English 340 Chap 9 Verbs

No description

Kevin Griffith

on 27 July 2018

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Transcript of English 340 Chap 9 Verbs


Simple present: Today, he walks.
Simple past: Yesterday, he walked.
Present participle: Right now, he is walking.
Past participle: He has walked.

Perfect (have)
progressive (-ing)

He has been walking

present perfect progressive
Shall Should
May Might
Will Would
Can Could

I shall have walked

Jim kicks the ball.
The ball was kicked by Jim.

If the verb string contains a form of "be" followed by the -ed or -en form of the verb, the sentence is passive.
Lie vs. Lay
to lie (intransitive) to be at rest. Lie, lay, lying, has lain

to lay (transitive) to put down. Lays, laid, laying, has laid
To Lie

Today, he lies on the beach.
Yesterday, he lay on the beach.
Right now, he is lying on the beach.
He has lain on the beach.
To Lay

Today, she lays the baby on the bed.
Yesterday, she laid the baby on the bed.
Right now, she is laying the baby on the bed.
She has laid the baby on the bed.


If I were you, I would not take the game lightly.
He has been taking the test.
present perfect progressive

He had had a bad day.

He is a bad boy.

He will have taken a bath

He had been sleeping for three hours
look at the first verb in the verb string. Is it past or present or future?
Does the verb string contain a form of "have"--if yes, it is perfect
Does it contain an -ing? If so, it is progressive.
I shall have been taking a bath.
present perfect progressive in
the conditional mood.
The hostages were taken to a cave.

The hostages were taking a bath.
Put in active voice:

The law was swiftly passed by the committee in 1984.

My words were misconstrued by my mother.

The money was discovered in a locked closet.

Steps were taken to ensure that all students graduated.
What is the tense, aspect, and mood
of the following verb strings:

Jenny will have taken the test by dinner tomorrow.

The small baby could have slept through the storm.

Jimmy may be being a good boy now.
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