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Experiment for Protein

using the buiret solution to test for protein

maryam sultan

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Experiment for Protein

The Biuret test Testing for protein... Hypothesis Using the Buiret solution if a substance contains protein it will turn pink/ lilac in colour. Step 1 Take 2 test tubes, one for a control and one containing the solution you want to test. Add 5cm³ of water to the control test tube and 5cm³ of liquid to be tested to the other test tube A control group! A control group is important in any experiment, it is there to eliminate the possibility that anything other than the independent variable might have produced the results that were obtained Step 2 Label each test tube with a marker. step 3 3.Add 3 drops of Biuret reagent solution to each test tube. Shake gently to mix. step 4 Note down any colour change. If there is any protein in the solution then the colour will have turned pink or lilac. A control experiment This experiment is a control experiment it has been set up to minimize certain possibilities; the independent variable is changed and confounding variables are kept constant, any thing other than the independent variable that may change the results is eliminated. This could also be called a fair test. The independent variable This is the variable that the experimenter changes, and should be the only variable that affects the results. In this experiment the independent variable is Biuret solution used The dependent variable The dependent variable is the variable that is measured for each change in the independent variable. In this experiment it is the colour of the protein solution after the biuret solution has been added Protocol This experiment is a protocol because it has produced valid and reliable results, it is also a method which scientists use again and again.
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