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No description

Trenton Lockhart

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of slipknot

The Forming of Slipknot
At first their band name was The Pale Ones, then it was Meld, Then it was Slipknot. The only member that made the band that is still in the band is Shawn Crahan. Shawn Crahan played drums at first, then Joey Jordison came into the band and took over. Shawn went to play the background drums. Their first album was Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.
Their First Live Performance
Reason for their masks
Everyone judges them for their masks. They wear masks so people will focus on their music, not what they look like because they're all pretty ugly.
How their music became famous
By: Trenton Lockhart
They changed their name to Meld, then did their first performance in December 1995. Right after they were done performing, they changed their name to the song they were working on, Slipknot.
Roadrunner Records signed Slipknot. Slipknot worked with Roadrunner Records producer Ross Robinson. He recorded Slipknots second album "Slipknot".
Their album was so good that they made it to Ozzfest.
Iowa Album
Right after they were done performing their Slipknot album, they started to record their third and most well-known album "Iowa".
How crazy everything got
Slipknot was such a popular band and everyone went crazy over them. The Clown was headbanging at a concert in Germany and hit his head on his drum kit twice. He split his head open and still continued to play the gig.
What I want to Know
I want to know where everyone in the band worked before Slipknot. I want to know who Slipknots new drummer isoing to be. And want to know when their new album is going to be released.
Why I'm interested
I became interested in Slipknot in fifth grade. I never really liked hardcore music that much, I was into Metallica and Anthrax and all the old thrash metal bands. But I started listening to Slipknot and i thought they were alright. I bought they're album "All Hope is Gone" which had been released a year before i started listening to them. I listened to them all day until i got tired of them so i bought their other albums. Then I just liked them ever since.
What I Already Know
I know that they are all from Des Moines Iowa and their drummer Joey Jordison used to work at a gas station before Slipknot. I know that their lead singer Corey Taylor used to be in a band called Stone Sour. Paul Grey died from a drug overdose and Joey Jordison got canned from the band for over touring with his other band "Scar the Martyr".
My Favorite Member
My favorite member of the band is Joey Jordison. He's my favorite because I like the drums and he is the drummer. He's unique and a lot of people say that he is the best drummer in the world.
They're numbered from 0-8, and nobody knows the real reason of why they're numbered. When Joey Jordison came into the band, Shawn Crahan was the drummer. Joey took over the drums and moved Crahan to percussions. They released their very first album Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. in 1995.
What I Found Out
New Album
They made a new album after Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. called Slipknot. That got them signed by a record company called "Roadrunner Records". It expanded their fan base by hundreds of thousands.
Conflict with other bands
Slipknot started to get in conflict with a band called "Limp Biskit". Limp Biskits lead singer called Slipknot fans "Ugly fat pigs". Corey Taylor didn't care because he knew that Slipknot was way better than Limp Biskit.
Volume 3
Slipknot came out with a new album in 2004. That album just became the biggest thing in nu-metal history. It reached #2 on billboard 200. One of their most famous sons Duality was on that album. They had sold over 10 million CD's in a single day.
What I found about their new drummer
I didn't find who their drummer is going to be for sure, but i know a few choices. Mike Portnoy from Avenged Sevenfold and a few other bands he played, Dave Lombardo from Slayer, Gene Hoglan from Testament and Shannon Lucas from The Black Dahlia Murder.
There is Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Corey Taylor, Mick Thomas, James Root, Chris Fehn, Craig Jones and Shawn Crahan
My Thoughts On Joey Jordison Leaving the Band
When I heard Joey left Slipknot I was really mad. I heard and i was miserable for about 10 minutes. Then about 2 weeks later on Slipknot news it said "Joey did not leave Slipknot" and i was really happy. But then I read further it said "He did not leave Slipknot, he was fired!". Then i knew for sure he was out of the band.
Reflecting on What I Discovered
Before my research I knew a lot about Slipknot and now a know a little more about them. I still like them just as much as I did before the research. I couldn't answer all my questions, like where they all worked.
Slipknot Moving on
It's going to be hard for Slipknot to move on. Especially Without Paul Grey And Joey Jordison, the two of the three guys that started the band in the first place. But they're making a new album that's coming out this year.
New Album
Slipknots lead singer Corey Taylor announced that they will be doing major work on their new album in march, and that it will be released soon this year.
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