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Where I am from.

No description

Zachary Willson

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Where I am from.

Where I am from.
I am from.
My little "big" sister; we laugh with her, at her, and we have all around good times.
I am from.
my little brother we fight sometimes, but we always make up and we have good times together.
I am from.
my mom who teaches me life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.
I am from.
I am from my dad who teaches us how to fix things. We mostly laugh at him but we know he will always have our backs.
my crazy grandmas who embarrass me, but always know what is right.
wrong directions, recalculating, and u-turns.
my crazy cousins who teach me how to ride, shoot, and have fun.
I am from.
I am from.
I am from.
I am from.
my lizard biting my finger, shedding skin, and cleaning up after him.
I am from.
learning how to tail whip to falling, and getting a shiner on my shin.
a family of technology, team iphone, iphone 6.
I am from
I am from.
camping, late night fires, and bug spray.
I am from.
twists, turns, and loop the loops.
I am from.
swimming all day, long summer nights, and sunblock.
I am from.
running, dribbling, and shooting goals.
I am from.
sore thumbs, sore eyes, and lack of sleep.
I am from.
burning my mouth, eyes watering, running nose.
I am from.
numb fingers, shivering, and chattering teeth.
I am from.
pain in my mouth, ibuprofen, and soft foods.
I am from.
jumping high, flipping, and spinning.
I am from.
stuffing myself full, drinking until I can't hold it in anymore, and food comas.
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