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Christina Arias

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of WWI

WWI: The Beginning
Why is it important to know the background and steps of an event?

Causes of WWI
Four main causes:
Formation of a system of alliances
a devotion to the interests and culture of one' nation
leads to competitive rivalries
Nationalism will be a key factor in propaganda and the amount of support the people give to the war
European countries had been building empires over the years
colonies supplied these powers with materials and helped with the market for manufactured goods
Germany competed with France and Britain for colonies
growth of nationalism and imperialism led to the increase in military spending
These powers adopted the policy of militarism- the development of armed forces and their use as a tool of diplomacy
Germany is the strongest nation in Europe
Kaiser Wilhelm II decided Germany would become a major sea power to compete with England
Alliance System
1907- two major defense alliances in Europe
The Triple Entente (Allies)-France, Britain, and Russia
The Triple Alliance (Central Powers)- Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

Start of War
June 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand visited Sarajevo
Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip shot the Archduke and his wife
July 28, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia
Alliance system pulled nation after nation into the conflict
Aug 1-Germany obligated to help Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia
Aug 3- Ger. declared war on France
Britain declared war on Ger./Austria-Hungary
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