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Brianna and Jaydn

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Brianna and Jaydn

Brianna and Jaydn's
Gordon Roberts was awarded the Medal of Honor because of the valor he showed during World World 2. Gordon and his group were planning to surprise attack an enemy bunker when they were suddenly ambushed. Thinking quickly he ran to the closest bunker and took them down.
Sergant William Shemin
During World War 2, Sammy Davis and his crew were ambushed and blown from their station. Instead of retreating he continued firing even with the enemies approaching . He heard shouting across the bank were some of his comrades were. Using a mattress to float across, he made it to the other side where he saw injured soldiers. He gave them all morphine and helped provide cover. Sammy eventually found his group and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his valiant acts.

Sammy Davis
Private Henry and his fellow soilder were suprised attacks by a German raid team of 12. His comrade was brutally injured, and with only a small knife, Private Henry Johnson took down the 12 without getting a scratch on him. For this, he was rewarded with the Medal of Honor.
Private Henry Johnson
Shemin was given the Medal of Honor for his valor actions that lead to sacrifice. He ran out in the middle of wide field, exposing himself to rapid fire to help other wounded soldiers.
Gordon Roberts
All of our recipients have shown courage in the face of danger by sacrificing themselves for others. These four soldiers exposed themselves to hazardous situations during combat. They all deserve the Medal of Honor for their endurance in the armed forces.
Though they all showed valor during battle, they all earned the right to have the Medal of Honor in different ways. Gordon for instance was ambushed and saw an opportunity to help and successfully took down his enemies. In contrast to Gordon, William ran out into an long, open field, revealed to an outrageous open fire to help a wounded soldier. In conclusion, these fearless men have many reasons to contrast.
Our reaction to their gallant actions made us feel appreciative for people like them. People who are willing to sacrifice themselves for others and expect nothing in return. The patriotism that we learned about inspired us and makes us feel proud to be in such a caring country. To summarize, this is why they were awarded the Medal of Honor.
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