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Copy of Program Planning at work

Applying the Caffarella Model in the workplace

Angela Wieck

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Program Planning at work

using the Cafferell Interactive model of Program Planning by Rosemary S. Caffarella Focusing on Learning
and change Dicerening the Importance of Context
and Negotiation
Attending to Preplanning
and Last-Minute changes Honoring and Taking Into Account
Diversity and Cultural Differences Everyone works differently
Program Planners are Learners too In our workplace this means idenifying what we need to learn to support employee development and the performance management model Attainable things the appraiser can do to perform their jobs better Understand that its a mixed up process Understanding the Importance
of Context and Negotiation Program Planning in the workplace Might be how to estimate damages to oilfield equipment or maybe logging trucks like learning how to appraise a specific type of specialty equipment

flexibility is key
be prepared for problems
should tie in with the organizations corporate mission Be mindfull of the code of ethics and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy ACt involve strategic planning include all stakeholders
from beginning and be prepared for some give and take have contingency plans in place no shows
weather be aware of disability and cultural differences
you are like the facilitator of the project
or the coach of the hockey team
help everyone work together
get buy in from all the stakeholders
try to get everyone to play like a team
program planning takespractice
a lot of trial and error
be reflective and learn from mistakes Seven Really Good Assumptions of
Program Planning lots of people and departments can make it complicated have lots of patience and keep going
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