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The web 3.0 Entrepreneur!

What are the ingredients of the digital era entrepreneur - Rise up Summit 2013

Fady Aziz

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of The web 3.0 Entrepreneur!

The web 3.0 Entrepreneur!
Fady Ramzy - Interact Egypt co-founder
Who is the Entrepreneur?
The digital era Entrepreneur
Speak less, work more!"
Where do we start now?
Fady@interactEgypt.me @cyberzizo
Riseup summit - 2013
Who is Fady Ramzy?
Digital Era Entrepreneur

Interact Egypt Co-Founder

E-Marketing consultant & speaker

15+ Digital Media experience

Egyptair.com X-project manager
Social media again :)
Social Influence?



Someone who can drive change!
Idea only is not enough

What is the major problem you are solving today? Value you are adding?

How are you solving it?

How is your approach different?

Are you that passionate?
Someone who can build the team
The team is the asset

Getting people on board is the most critical task at the beginning!

Grow the team, grow the company........ grow or die point!
Someone who can get profit!
Customer is KING!

Execution is KingKong!!

Focus on profits not investments

The 3P concept
Entrepreneur E-branding
Develop a solid digital strategy

Build your online identity

Promote it


Plan - Do - check - Act
Benefit from Social Media
Good luc
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