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Welcome to Montreal!

No description

Caitlin McGarry

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Montreal!

Welcome to Montreal!
Here you will learn about rates, and how these apply to ratios.
First, watch this video from 5 minutes...
We call this method of finding a rate per unit the unitary method. See the example below for the appropriate working out.
Twenty tiles weigh 5kg. How much do 7 tiles weigh?
no. of tiles : weight
20 : 5
7 :
: 0.25
Therefore 7 tiles weigh 1.75 kg.
It is often useful to use the unitary method to compare prices while shopping. Practise your rate skills in this game. You will need the PIN: FAOVWW
Lastly, you need to complete the following work from your textbook. Don't forget to show appropriate working out (given in the example)
Ex 4.10
Q1. a, c, e
Q2. a, c, e

Q9. all

Don't forget to correct your work!
Copy this example into your book!
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