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Tupac biography

No description

jason jourdain

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Tupac biography

Tupac Amaru Shakur June 16 1971 in New-york and raised in Harlem Birth and death Albums Family Top 5 best sellers Nomination:He was nominated 17 times for music and for acting Awards won Tupac died with less then 100 000 $
in the bank Money made Birth: Death:Septembre 13 1996 in Las Vegas,Nevada after a boxing match Albums released:Tupac released 11 albums Albums sold:Tupac sold over 75 million albums and over 50 million in the U.S Mother: Afeni Shakur Biological Father: Billy Garland Father: Mutulu Shakur Brother: Maurice Harding Uncle: Lumumba Shakur Uncle: Zayd Shakur Godfather: Geronimo Pratt 1)Can you get away 2)Monday morning 3)Be the realist 4)Lil' hommies 5)Dolla sings Awards:He won 7 awards 1)Favorite hip hop/rap artist 2x 2)Top soundtrack of the year 3x 3)Best rap album 1x 4)R&B/Soul or Rap Album of the Year 1x Career Tupac`s career began has a back up dancer for Digital underground.Then he released his first album 1991 and it was named 2pacolypse now. Early Life As a teenager Tupac attended The Baltimore School of arts he attended dance lessons including ballet and acting lessons. Close
Friends Tupac was close friends with
Mike Tyson,Dr Dre,Snoop Dog
etc... Tupac ressurected Tupac was given a memorial
in honor of being the best rapper.DR.Dre and Snoop Dog
payed for a hologram where they sang with him also,there was more rappers like 50 cents,Eminem and more at the Coahchella Music Festival singing by his side
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