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R T I nterns

No description

Jason Rhoads

on 6 August 2010

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Transcript of R T I nterns

Courtney Fox: Eric Kofman: Lam, Stella: Jason Rhoads: Kristy Perez: Shawn George: Steven Lin:

Current Project:
Investigation of current intellectual property policies

Present a report on the changes I believe will occur in the IP space

Benchmarking analysis on best practices for IP management

About Me:
About Me:
Current Project:

Creating 1 pagers for RTI technologies

Surveying industries to predict future market growth for MedTech and BioTech

•NCSU: B.S in Nuclear Engineering and a minor in Spanish
•Currently, 5th year PhD student in Medical Physics

oCooking – especially for dinner parties
oReal estate investing
oTraveling – been to 10 countries, 20 states in the USA
oTaking Art Classes – pottery, fused glass
oGardening – don’t forget to add water!

Current Project:
About Me:

University collaborations and STEM outreach

Impact economic development and scientific discoveries through STEM experiential learning opportunities and engagement with the STEM community by connecting emerging talent with influential thought leaders.
From Charlotte, NC grew up in the restaurant business
Served as Vice Chair for the UNC General Alumni Association Student Membership Program
Intern at RTI since May 2008 -Spearheaded the RTI Internship Showcase in August 2009

Serve as a project coordinator at NEXT for Women, a local start-up that develops resources and hosts events to promote personal and professional achievement for young women.
About Me:
Current Project:
Asset Development for Technologies:
Obesity Cost Calculator
Municipal Solid Waste Decision-Support Tool

Maternal and Neonatal Directed Assessment of Technology
2-year Gates Foundation project
Modeling health deficiency causes, symptoms, mortality rates, and interventions

Current Project:
About Me:
Logic diagram, aim to provide a snapshot of the inputs required for each step in the OIC’s work
A description of the outputs and impacts the OIC intends to achieve via these processes.
Handbook outlining the OIC’s history, goals, and procedures
Slideshows detailing the OIC’s functions, which will inform both internal RTI audiences and external viewers. Graduated in May from Cary Academy
Attending Stanford University in the fall
Plans to major in engineering with a focus on product design
Hobbies: painting, guitar, juggling, running, golf
Current Project:
•Developing a market landscape for the venture capital and angel investor communities both locally and abroad

•Market analysis of the venture and angel community to help anticipate the effects that changes in the marketplace will have on commercialization
Originally from Pennsylvania
Joined the United States Marine Corps and served five years including two combat tours in Iraq
Senior at North Carolina State University studying economics and business

Building and maintaining coral reef aquariums
Disk golf
Regular golf
Building a successful fashion design company About Me:
Current Project:
•Interested in applying my particle physics background to create and commercialize technologies in the near future
•Establish sources of passive income to afford me the freedom to work on projects interesting to me.
•Flip houses after the economy improves
Future Goals:
•Biomedical Engineering B.S. from UNC Chapel Hill, currently working towards a Masters in Engineering Management degree from Duke
•Undergraduate research in ultrasound imaging, lab-on-a-chip devices
•Have worked in the Office of Innovation and Commercialization for over two years, helped develop the internship program and participated in multiple other commercialization projects
•Hobbies: Competitive badminton, disc golf and ‘real’ golf, playing guitar, reading theological books, spending time with friends and thinking up cool and innovative entrepreneurial ideas
Future Goals:
•Along with my wife, build a successful fashion design company
•Start a family
•Work with a startup company
•Become more involved with the local business community
•Transition from entrepreneur to investor
Future Goals: University collaborations & STEM outreach

Obtain a Masters in Public Policy, concentrating in Science, Innovation, and Technology Policy

Possibly, move out of NC to work in Consumer Insight/Market Knowledge at a large product development company
Future Goals:
I’m looking forward to pursuing my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Stanford in the fall as an NSF Fellow.
I’m very interested in the entire lifecycle of technology commercialization and I hope to start my own high tech venture one day. Future Goals: consultant in a health-related field
work on implementing oral healthcare-related projects or technologies
a challenging, fast-paced global career
continue traveling and living around the world Future Goals:
Future Goals:
Finding a career that has both creative and technical aspects to it. To be a successful entrepreneur Newly minted Chemical Engineer from NC State
I love creative activities and working with my hands, and have a small (but functional) glass jewelry studio in my home.
I also enjoy making silver jewelry, cooking, and checking out new restaurants.
I recently received my Open Water SCUBA diving certification and will be frequenting the NC coast for dive excursions throughout the summer. UNC/ National University of Singapore: History major with Chemistry minor
Previous research assistant on National Science Foundation project on consequences of quota-free trade on textile/apparel sourcing/production
Currently conducting historical/archival study on WWII-era Japanese biological weapons program

Strategy board games
Fixing bikes
Eating fine cuisine
Watching historical documentaries
Entering Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Stanford

NCSU: B.S. Chemical Engineering

From Oxford NC Commercializaton and business planning for pMUT technology

Duke: MEM, and become a successful entrepreneur

UNC: Biomedical Engineering B.S.

From Raleigh NC

Attend Stanford University for engineering and product design

Graduate of Cary Academy

Cary NC Assisting in the commercialization of pMUT, ultrasound imaging technology
Working with the pMUT team in developing the commercialization plan
Performing value chain and financial analyses
Interviewing potential end-users, getting market feedback
Summer goal: To assemble a detailed commercialization plan that clearly describes aspects of RTI’s strategy in moving forward with the pMUT technology.
University collaborations and STEM outreach strategy

Pursue a Masters in Public Policy

UNC Chapel Hill: B.A. in Biology and Economics, Minor in Entrepreneurship

Charlotte, NC Development of market and technology summaries for external commercialization efforts

Become a management / strategy consultant with a health care focus among other specialties

UNC/National University of Singapore expected 2011: History major (Honors), Chemistry minor

Originally from Sichuan Province, China

Create and commercialize technology, apply particle phyics background

NCSU: B.S. Nuclear Engineering, Spanish minor, pursuing a PhD Medical Physics at Duke University

Tampa FL Assess VC and investment landscape for tech. commercialization

Family, Startup, Investor

NCSU expected 2011: B.S. Economics (Honors) with Business Concentration

Chambersburg, PA About Me:
Current Project:
Solid State Lighting
Use of highly reflective nanofibers to gain improvements in lighting quality and efficiency.
Current work analyzing markets for specific applications
Technology Valuation/Value Chain Analysis
Build modeling tools that can be used to analyze opportunity and fit of commercialization initiatives About Me:
Future Goals:
Long term career goals: Business development/commercialization position in the biotechnology /pharmaceutical industry. Commercializaiton and market analysis for Solid State Lighting; RTI technology valuation analysis

Business development in the biotechnology / pharmaceutical industry

NCSU: MBA, MMB, B.S. in Microbiology, minor in accounting

Originally from Essex, England Education NC state University: Master of Business Administration, Master of Microbial Biotechnology, B.S. in Microbiology, minor in accounting
Hobbies: Disc golf, cooking, beach trips, camping, spending time with friends and family
Matthew Johnson: About Me:

Air quality engineering database and proposed emission regulations

Strategic business growth analysis

NCSU: Masters in Global Innovation, B.S. in Environmental Engineering

Oxford, NC

Develop Engineering Expertise in sustainable water resources

Start/Join an international community development group focused on water/sanitation.
Current Project:
Future Goals:
Large family, grew up working farming business

Travelling and the outdoors
Reading and rich discussions
Quality time with family and friends.

Helped build and review database of entire power generating industry for future air emission regulations.
Market and growth strategy evaluating RTI capabilities and major needs to move forward.
Kyle Levitt:
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