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The Golden Age

No description

River D

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of The Golden Age

The Golden Age by River and Santana 1
Persian war
pelopenisious war
The reason the Pelopenisious war started was because the Athinians started to get greedy and started to charge money for protection from the Persians.Sparta was the first to say no the war lasted 27 years . Then a plauge hit athens and killed 1/5 of there army so sparta and other city-states (pelopenisious leage) took there atvantege and attacked the athinians and won.
500b.c. common enemy brought
greek people together.
Persia built a empire thst included
The Persian war started because the Persians wanted there Resourses. One of there battles took place at the marathon even know the Persians they had more soilders they still lost.All the city-states were amazed at the victory and the legend of a man running form the marathon to athens to tell them of the victory is still told today
Born: Athens, Greece 469
Died: 399 BC, Athens, Greece
His thoughts of the Sophists and of Athenian goverment and religious ideas made him many enemies In 399 B.C. Socrates was tried for corrupting the minds of Athenian people and for religious belifes.They gave him the choice to stop being anoyeing and apologize or drink hemlock (a poisionious plant) but Socrates chose to drink hemlock.

427B.C.TO 347B.C.
Plato was a philospher in Greece he was
Socrates student and wrote down every thing he said.
He was born in the athens with a rich and
and powerful family
Plato was the founder of the academy in Athens.
the greeks had great architecture they had 3 different collums that were on there building that we stil use today like courts.
the 3 collums were called doric,ionic and corinthian
they cually arent strait up they are tillted inwrd at the top its a elusion of the eye that makes it look strait up
404 B.C athens surrenderd to sparta
500 B.C a common enmey brought greek together
490B.C darxius I sent his troops to greek mainland
480B.C the persians attacked again
460B.C pericles was electe as the athenians leader
431B.C sparta formed the pelopennesian leauge
399B.C ssocrates was found guilty of teaching dangeriuos ideas
385B.c plato made a special school
He was also the founder of the Athinian democracy Cleisthenes was a noble Athenian of the Alcmaeonid family. He is known with reforming the constitution of ancient Athens and setting it on a democratic footing in 508 BC.
my text book
570b.c.to 508b.c.
Greece was sourounded by water on 3 sides
Greece has a rocky terain witch had seperated the city states.
Greece is west of the Aegean sea
Its also east of the Ionian sea
He was the teacher of plato
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