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leadership in sport

No description

Jack Slade

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of leadership in sport

Leadership in sports Roles committed Objectivity Goal Focus Characteries Approachability Role Model Instructor Organizer Trainer Knowledge of sport skills Knowledge of rules and laws Understanding the mental needs of participants understanding the physical needs of participants Qualites a role model is someone that people look up to and inspire to be. you need to be committed, if you say you are going to do something you need to make sure you folow though an instructor is someone that leads and develops learning though instruction. a sports leader can sue this role when instructing a sports activity a sports leader need to be organised and perpared organisation starts prior to the session. sometime you may have to plain weeks befor the session as a trainer the leader must be aware of the physical, technical and tactical demands of the sport. they should have a bank of specific activities for the sports. sports leaders should demonsate objectivity in al sessions by being fair and equal to all. they should never show favouritism towards indiciduals a sports leader will set a share goals with many people including sports performers, other leaders, parents and teachers. a sports leader should be approachable and everyone should find find it easy to discuss with them any issues they might have, they need to be friendly with the people they work with but maintain a professional relationship at all time. A good sports leader needs to demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of the rules and laws of the sports that they are leading. participating in sports and physical activity is as much about developing the mind as the body, many studies have shown that participating in physical activity can raise your mood and improve mental health when a sports leader is leading a session they must demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the skills of the sport. many sessions will include a skill development section sports leader need an awareness and understanding of the different physical needs of different client group. they may deliver sessions with similar amis but in diffenets activities.
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