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K.R.A.I.G. 0.1

No description

Ruchita Kachhap

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of K.R.A.I.G. 0.1

K.R.A.I.G. 0.1

In Today's Workshop
Types of drives
Control Box
Differential Drive
Motor run
Articulated drive
Pivot Drive
Ackerman Drive
Omni Drive
Skid Steer Drive
Control Box
Free to move in any direction.
Also known as kiwi drive.
Length of linear actuator governs the direction of drive.
NC : Normally Closed
NO : Normally Open
A-B : Power Supply to activate relay
single pole double throw
2 states - ON / OFF
As the name suggests, it is used to control the motion of the robot.
A control box is a combination of switches.
K.R.A.I.G. Timeline
double pole double throw
All that you need!
Time for Results!
Ackerman drives are the ones that are present in cars.
In this freshers' event, 1st years build their own manual robots to conquer the field of robosoccer!
Thank You!
A robot with a pivot drive can turn in any direction by rotating the body of robot in the required direction
1. Dot PCB (preferably large)
2. Solder Iron and SolderingWire
3. 4 push buttons
4. 2 pin relimates
5. HST, Matchbox
6. Multistrand wires
7. 4 12 V Relays
8. 8 diodes
9. 1 box
10. wire stripper
11. 1 12V adaptor
12. Screwdriver Minus Tester
13. Breadboard
14. Multimeter
15. LEDs
16. Resistor 1k
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