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Minecraft: How To Begin!

This video shows Minecraft beginners how to survive their fist day/night successfully.

Will Bennett

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Minecraft: How To Begin!

A HOW TO First, you will need to get
yourself some resources. By walking up
to a tree and
holding down the
left mouse button,
you will collect wood>>> Then you go
into you crafting
area by opening
your inventory. << >> ^Hotbar^ ^Armor^ And do this... 4 12 WOODEN PLANKS WOOD After that,
you do this... 2 16 Once you create an account, you will have to buy the game, that is, if you have not already. The first step is to
create an account. This is done by going
to www.minecraft.net ,
and clicking 'Register' at
the top of the screen>>> Minecraft Classic is free, but you don't have mobs and other fun stuff. Alpha is out of date too, but the Beta version is just as good! It's only $20, and after that, you don't have to pay anything else! STICK If you play it online, it
will look something like this: If you play it offline,
it will look something like this: Once You Have The Game... You click right here>> It will pass a couple of pages,
and if there's an update available,
this screen will pop up>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This is where you can
play by yourself >>> This is where you can
play with other people >>>
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