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The Penguin Rescue

No description

Gene Monahan

on 25 October 2017

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Transcript of The Penguin Rescue

The Great penguin Rescue
In 2000, a ship called "The Treasure" crashed into a reef just off the coast of Africa in between two islands, spilling fuel oil into the sea. those two islands, however, were home to about half the world's population of endangered african penguins. When the penguins went out to catch fish, they got covered in oil.
All The Commotion
When the local animal rescue center, SANCOB, found out about the oil, they called experts all over the world and told them to come and help. People from all over the world came to help the penguins, and only about 10% of them needed to be there.
Cleaning a penguin requires two people, one to hold the penguin, and one to wash it. This is very hard because the penguins don't know they werebeing rescued. They have razor-sharp beaks that can cut human flesh It takes about hour to wash one penguin. First, you have to wash off the oil with water. then, you have to spray it with degreaser. After that, you have to wash it off again, and put it in a pool of water and let it swim.
Another Problem
While SANCOB and all the volunteers made a warehuse into a cleaning place, the oil was moving toward one of the two islands, home to tens of thousands of penguins. SANCOB was already treating 20,000 oiled penguins and did not have the supplies to treat anymore.
The Feeding Process
SANCOB had to get at least ten tons of fish to feed all of the penguins, on y one problem, they would not eat the dead fish because in the wild, they catch fish and swallow them whole while they are still alive. The workers had to force-feed the penguins by shoving the fish down its throat. They tried to teach the fish to take the dead fish, and the first penguins to learn, were the ones with tags n their wings from the Apollo oil rescue six years before. This means that penguins learn from past events.
Another Solution
The workers were desperate to find an answer to the problem. everyone thought the penguins were going to die. Then one person thought of an idea. He wanted to move the penguins away from the island and let them swim back to the island.
So they moved the penguins 500 miles away and when they got back, the oil had passed an the penguins were saved.
SANCOB found out that the chicks raised during the rescue lived longer than the other penguins. Now SANCOB raises over 500 chicks a year and releases them to the wild.
Credit goes to google images for all the images I used.
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