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I'm The King of the castle

No description

Aneesha Shetty

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of I'm The King of the castle

Im the King Of the Castle
Im the King Of Castle
Theme: power, family relationships, bullying

Context: Kingshaw is constantly bullied psychologically by Hooper who has a strong need for power and control over Kingshaw.

Hill challenges the prevalent thought that children are always happy and innocent through the narrative perspectives of Kingshaw. This is shown through scenes in the red room and their first encounter with each other.

(1) Hooper tortures Kingshaw both mentally and physically.

(2) The adult figures in this book, Mr. Hooper and Mrs Kingshaw are seen blinded by their own selfish desires and are seen by the readers to be insensitive and uncaring towards their children.

(3) In the afterword, Susan Hill states that since “no one in the book is loved, gives love or feels its redeeming power” is the reason for why Hooper makes Kingshaw suffer, not only because of the lack of love he receives but also the isolation he has felt since childhood.

Thank you
The main reason why Hooper acts the way he does is due to the lack of love he receives

(1) P- We were first introduced to Hooper after the death of his grandfather, we would expect Hooper to feel somber or to weep but instead, he...
E- ”thought nothing of his grandfather.”

(2) P- Mr. Hooper was comparing Hooper’s attitude to his mother’s and remembers her death.
E-”Six years since the death of Ellen Hooper”

(3) P- Hooper is detached and unresponsive towards his father which is shown through his reaction to his father’s announcement of his departure to London.
E- Mr H “I shall be away in London a good deal.” then his son replies H “that won’t be anything new, will it?” (8)

Their parents are oblivious to what is occurring around them and only care for their own self interests

(1) P-while telling Kingshaw that she is going to London with Mr. Hooper, she begins to look after herself more in order to impress Mr. Hooper
E-”i must think of myself a little more.” (60)

(2) P- On this ‘family’ outing to Leydell Castle, the parents are shown to be absorbed in one another and pay no attention to the deteriorating relationship between the two children
E- “his mother and Mr. Hooper, only paying attention to each other” (150)

(3) P-after Hooper’s accident at Leydell castle, Mr Hooper starts to gain confidence in himself which is not seen frequently in the novel.
E- Mr.H-”i am not altogether a failure” (171)

Is there an explanation for Hooper's
treatment of Kingshaw?
How is it possible that his
conduct is not stopped by the adults?

By- Natalie and Aneesha
Hooper acts hostile towards Kingshaw and enjoying having control over him
(1) P- Hooper indicates that he wants to be left alone through his hostile reception towards Kingshaw when he first arrives.
E- “I didn’t want you to come here” (13)

(2) P-Hooper leads Kingshaw into the Red Room in order challenge Kingshaw to touch the moths, which causes horror and unease towards Kingshaw.
E-”Scaredy-baby, scared of a moth!” (40)

(3) P- At the end of the novel, when Hooper sees Kingshaw’s body in the water he feels a sense of accomplishment for causing the death of Kingshaw.
E- “it was because of me, and a spurt of triumph went through him.” (223)

They care for their children but have a very distant relationship with them

(1) P- throughout this novel, Mr Hooper only entered Edmund’s room once and while he was in Edmund’s room, ...
E- “he felt unwelcome” (25)

(2) P-On the train coming back from London, Mr Hooper tells Edmund to make an effort to be understanding and tries to gain Edmund’s sympathy for Kingshaw. Mr Hooper then wonders whether Edmund remembers his own mother.
E-”We cannot fathom the minds of young children. He was discomforted by his lack of insight” pg 47

(3) P-After being found in Hang Wood and brought back to Warings, Hooper backstabs Kingshaw and Kingshaw retaliates by calling him names and this is when Mrs. Kingshaw feels that Charles has changed.
E-”I can hardly understand you, Charles” (134)
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