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Why sonic the hedgehog is so awesome

Warning: This prezi could turn you into a sonic fan!

bna klty

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Why sonic the hedgehog is so awesome

Sonic is Hilarious! Another good reason to be a Sonic fan is that he can be really funny. Here is some sonic fan art so you can see for yourself! Sonic is Epic! The first reason that Sonic is awesome is because he can pull off almost anything! He's super fast and agile and he can go the speed of sound! Here is a video to prove it: Sonic the Hedgehog can be Tragic... Sonic the hedgehog is extremely tragic sometimes. Especially in this specific video: Sonic can be sentimental. The last reason that proves that Sonic is awesome.... by; Brenna Kielty Why Sonic the Hedgehog is so Awesome I know some of you don't really understand what's happening, but it's Sonic's death. Sonic the hedgehog can make a Sonic fan feel many different emotions. These emotions include sadness, happiness, excitement, horror, and astonishment. Some Sonic games would work as a love story, and some would work as an action-packed adventure filled with suspense. Once a fan really gets into the game, he/she realizes that this is true; that he really is such a sentimental character. Epicness, hilariousness, sentimentality, tragedy, and romance is everything Sonic has. He's all of that packed into a cute little blue cartoon hedgehog with a bunch of adorable little cartoon friends that are easy for people to draw. Who wouldn't love him and his little group of awesome friends? Some people doubt that Sonic the hedgehog is awesome. Obviously, those people haven't even played the games. There are five good reasons to be a Sonic the hedgehog fan, and those reasons are what I am going to show you now. I'm not saying that you will become a fan after I give you these great reasons, but let me warn you, they could make you into a sonic fan!
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