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jenn hawkins

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Bizcafe

which variables in the simulator do you think are most important?

customers : the customer is most important because we are here to serve them and if the customers are not satified with cup o joe then we need to find our what are the concerns. In our 1st week we received customer satisfation 43.1%. A suggestion box was offered to us at no cost. we thought that would keep the communication open for feedback for the busineess. Our 2nd week we received a low % on the susrvey the customers feedback was coffee was terrible and the lines were long. we had a few positive results but we need to fix the problems. we revisited the plan and checked outr daily receipts, checkbook, servers and materials. the was to add moreservers because we are getting more customers each week and order more lbs of coffee. we compared our 1st week to 2nd week and in the 1st week we ordered too much (we just started out no one knew about us) so we shoul've stsrted low in ordering. the 2nd week we developed a cliental so we need to order more material. each week we will need adjust the ordering due to the volume week over week.
Customers are the most important they are the reason we exist. The 1st week we scored great on our survey. We were asked if we wanted a suggestion box free of charge. We thought that would be a great way to know what the customers like and dislike. We received some positive and negative feedback. The ones we can change is long lines and coffee taste awful. We made some changes according to the feedback. We hired more servers and hired a training company. Hiring more servers will help with the lines and the training company can make sure we measuring the right amount of coffee so it won't taste awful.
Feedback from servers
How many quit
servers are overworked
Managers are stressed out
Managers: The Managers are the eyes and ears of the coffee shop. They have the opportunity to deliver feedback to use so we can make changes weather the feedback is good or bad. Here is an example in Cup O Joe 1st week the Managers feedback was servers are complaining they are ovrworked, a serve quit and Managers are stressed. this is an opportunity for me (team) to my some changes and reevaluate our plan. we make the changes but only 1 out of the 3 were fixed. so in order for us to get the coffee shop on track we need to figure out what changes need to be made.

The Servers are important because if they are not happy we will lose our customers. Due to the feedback we received from Management and Customers we need to make some changes. We lost 1 associate and the rest feel like they are overworked. The adjustments we made were to hire more servers so the work can be lighter for all servers.
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