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Finnish food culture

No description

Tiia Jalkanen

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Finnish food culture

New year Finnish food culture Examples about typical Finnish Christmas food:
-Carrot and swede casserole
-Rosolli and the sauce
-Rice porridge
-Smoked or salted salmon
-Gingerbread Christmas dinner There are also many tradition food in Finnish
food culture. Tradition food are different in different
regions of Finland Here are some examples about Finnish tradition food:
-Karelian pies
-Karelian roast
-Cheese bread
-Fish pie
-Rönttönen Finnish tradition food Food has a big role in Finnish culture.
Finnish food culture is extensive, versatile
and special. It tells about Finnish nature, society,
history and our identity. Our food culture is a integral part of weekday and celebration. The biggest festivals in Finland are Christmas,
New year, Easter and Midsummer. In new year most people eat little sausages and potato salad. And drink champagne Midsummer In midsummer people usually grill sausages,corn,chicken,bacon mushrooms with blue cheese and different side dishes. Easter On easter we eat Finnish pudding and chocolade eggs. Finnish food culture In Finland every season have own special dishes.
-In summer Finns eat fresh fish, berries, vegetables, grill food and ice cream. For example strawberries, new potatoes and grilled meat.
- In autumn is hunting time, and then Finns eat mooses, deers and reindeers meat. In forests are mushrooms and berries, as lingonberries. -In winter Finns eat normal food, frozen meat and berries.
- In spring is first of May, and then most people eat doughnuts and drink mead. Midsummer Midsummer is the most important summer festival
in Finland. Then people get together to their cottages and go to sauna, burn bonfire and grill sausages.
Examples about typical Finnish Midsummer food:
new potatoes
beer and alcohol drinks
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