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Muhammad Ali's Leadership

No description

Erin Bies

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Muhammad Ali's Leadership

Leadership Seminar Erin Bies A True Leader Muhammad Ali's leadership qualities are an inspiration to people worldwide, in both a positive and negative fashion because of his hardworking attitude and religious beliefs. Muhammad Ali Ali was able to inspire so many people because there was several different versions of him seen throughout his career.

Ali represented Chiefly racial pride to blacks.

He became the most influential and significant athlete in history.

Ali was admired mostly because of his ability to be both a boxer and have moral courage and a social conscience all at the same time.

He set the best example to his fans when he retired from boxing.

Ali also had a negative effect on the people that
he was leading.

Muhammad Ali was supposed to
be drafted into the Vietnam
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Random House, 1998. Print. Muhammad Ali showed everyone that he goes through exactly what we all go through as well. He has been through the fear of aging, of falling ill, of being vulnerable.

Ali was given the honor to light the Olympic flame.

Ali's motivation for staying alive is mainly for publicity. He wants to stay alive in order to make people happy and to do good deeds.
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