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China Immigration

No description

Nathan Xue

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of China Immigration

To the USA
My mom came to the U.S. mostly to study. First, she attended Carnegie Mellon, a school in Pittsburgh. Then,she went to work at Microsoft, in Seattle, Washington.
Others came from China too, seeking a better life and the "American Dream."
After the 1960's
After the Chinese exclusion act ended, Chinese became coming in like crazy.
Fun Fact
China did not invent Fortune Cookies, though some people think they did. They actually were made in the U.S... Also, China is probably the oldest surviving civilization(Except for maybe Egypt.)
To the U.S.
My mom came to the US through an airplane, and landed on the East side of the U.S.
However, their were other immigrants from china, and this is their "1/2" story.
Shanghai province
People in the capital and the really good schools looked to U.S.Some students in China wanted to come to the U.S to study.One of these student's was my mom, who got student loans from her relatives.She Finally came here in 1993.
Back in the time of immigration,Chinese were not allowed to immigrate, based on a law.
After coming to the U.S,my mom says that she enjoyed here very much. She also says that over here was much better than the life her family lead in China.
This is my mom, who is on the left...
Huaying-My mother
The chinese settled in area's like Massachusett's, Washinton State, California, Maryland, Honolulu, New York. However, they mostly lived in places Chinatown
Push Factors
Some factors that made Chinese Immigrants want to leave China was famine, lack of money, not being able to express their own views, and bad working conditions.
Pull Factors
Some factors that brought immigrants to the U.S. was belief that over here, thier would be a better life. Their would be money, healthy conditions to work, and the ability to be free of "thought-crime, the act of going against the govenment in a thought.
Between Chinese and other countries immigrants, China did not really bring anything really signifagent, that played a major part in U.S. However, they did bring some items that are commenly used, and idea's that the U.S. liked.
China had brought some good food to the U.S., like dim sum.
Chinatown technically wasn't created by the Chinese, but the Chinese shaped it to what it is right now.
In addition for brining labors to the U.S, Chinese imigrants also brought their farming technices, wushu, kung fu...
Some Idea's that the Chinese brought over were like Confucious and Taoism. However, China also brought over holidays like the Moon Festival, Chinese New Year, and other festivites.
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