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New France

No description

holmesville student13

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of New France

New France Fur Trade The coureurs de bois were a very big part of the fur trade. They also found there own furs and were good sales persons. New France was also a big part of the fur trade because it was a tradeing post. The colony also traded alot of furs and by alot I mean alot! Samuel de Champlain and Founding New France Samuel de Champlain is often called Father of New France. He worked very hard on the colony of New France so even if he died it would continue. As the
colony was starting Samuel de Champlain set up a fur trade to protect New Frace from financial failure. As it was getting stronger Samuel de Champlain got a fur trade monopoly and got alienced with the Wendat. Realations with First Nations New France had many realations with First Nations. One realation is tha New France had an alienences with some First Nations groups like the Wendat. Again we go back to the coureures de bois they were a big part of New France the coureurs de bois somtimes married First Nations woman. They also learned the language of the First nations language and learned the nessesary surrvival skills. New France had many realations with the First Nations aliences etc. Samuel de Champlain had an alience with the Wendat. Again we are going back to the coureurs de bois who sometimes married First Nations woman. They became exellent canoeist and learned the First Nations langauge.
Exploration Exploration was pretty important back then. If you were exploring you could find furs or a good spot to start a colony. You could fing First Nations to trade with or to alienced with. You could also find useful resources or you could e
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