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kate higgins

on 25 March 2015

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Baldassare Castiglione and Isabella d’Este shake up traditions

Individualism and Secularism are taking control
A product of the Italian Renaissance
“the ends justify the means”
Nobility Gossip
Modern Diplomacy
Italian Renaissance Humanism
Looking back on the middle ages there are some ambassadors present, however there is an upcoming change in the usefulness of ambassadors due to the large amount of independent states in Italy.
The Italian States are feeling threatened by their intimidating neighbors and are starting to send resident diplomatic agents to one another to get information and serve as a "peace person". This is looking up to be the future of politics.
Petrarch is taking the role of "Father of Italian Renaissance Humanism". Humanism is now effecting the intellectual life in Italy. A new role for intellectuals in society called "civic humanism" is also appearing. This new theory consists of intellectuals taking part in their society and having a duty to live an active life of the state and its affairs.
Wednesday, March 25, 1532
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

Characteristics of the Renaissance portrayed through artwork
Jacob Burckhardt creates modern concept of the Renaissance in The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy.
Distinguishing features are:
-portrayed Italy as the birthplace of the modern world in the 14th and 15th centuries
-the revival of antiquity
-the “perfecting of the individual”
l’uomo universale was a term in the Renaissance defined as a Renaissance man with multiple talents. Many people strived to be a person of many talents. The definition of Renaissance is rebirth, and that is exactly what the Renaissance was, a rebirth of society, culture, mans view of man, and the Classical civilization of the Greeks and Romans. In the Age of the Renaissance the Greek and Roman culture was put on a pedestal.

Goal of Renaissance Art:
- paint nature as it is
- use laws of perspective and proportion
- focus on beauty of human body

Isabella d’Este also know as "first lady of the world” is helping support the idea's of the Renaissance with her bold moves.
She is bringing the best artists and intellectuals to the Mantua court, which is becoming the center for art and learning. This daring lady also had the courage to rule Manuta after her husband died. She is doing a fine job ans is becoming known for her intelligence and political wisdom

Listen up nobles and aristocrats! There are new ideals that are becoming expected of you so be sure to pick up a copy of Castigilone's The Book of the Courtier. This book is shaping up to be the fundamental handbook for nobles. Castiglione believes that the perfect noble will serve his prince in an effective and honest way
The Italian Renaissance Humanism is also spurring new literature. Lorenzo Valla just finished an essay "On Pleasure" encouraging mankind to enjoy themselves. Another acclaimed author, Pico, wrote "Oration on the Dignity of Man" expressing free will and the potential of mankind.

Consider the following:
Johannes Gutenberg changes course of history with the improvement of the printing press

Changing History
Gutenberg improves on the printing press, making it more accessible, and has paved the future for literature. With everything being printed fasted and easier people are now knowing information and the literacy levels have increased. He is also helping religions and individuals across the globe spread their ideas.
Dome of the Duomo
Never stop improving
Rome has risen to be the cultural center of Europe and the Renaissance has reached a new high. Three art tycoons, daVinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, are dominating art of the High Renaissance.
Who Renaissanced better?
Germany VS Italy
-used more wallspace and frescos
-under the Roman/Greek influence
-Stained Glass
-Very detailed
Rearranging of power to be more centralized results in new monarchies
Monarchy Spotlights
France: King Louis XI is laying the foundation for a strong monarchy

England: Tudor King, Henry VII, is now in power and is ready to establish a strong monarchy and stable government

Spain: The marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella unite the two kingdoms and the public is excited to see what this power couple will do for Spain!
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