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My prezi is about Running and it also includes the Olympics by Amy

Amy Year 5

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Running

By Amy Year 5 What can you achieve in running? Famous Runners U.K Runners What can you do in Running Running inspires me because you can do what ever you want and it can be an individual sport so you can achieve your goals! In running you can achieve a gold medal in the olympics or you can just run to keep fit! Or if you stick with your goal you can be a role model to the people who believe in you or people who support you! Well, everyone knows the famous U.sain Bolt. He is an Jamaican runner and no-one can defeat this outstanding Olympian of our time!! He has made 70,000 people go to an athletic club so everyone can see running in his eyes! The U.K Olympian Mo Farah won two gold medals in the London 2012 olympic games he quotes "I won those two medals for my two twin boys on the way but, it was a shame I didn't get one for my daughter!"
He has made running seen in a different way because of his outstanding speack after his race! In running people can do athletic running or if you want you can even run marathons like Paula Radcliffe!
But in the olympics eg. Jessica Ennis has revived a gold medal in the London 2012 olympic games! Running inspires me because.. RUNNING U.sain Bolt Mo with the famous Mobot. www.runningforfun.co.uk/therightfoodsrunning.html A website of what to eat when you run Please copy and paste the above link into your web browser to visit a website with lots of useful information about how to get the most from your run and the best food to eat!
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