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animal farm - differences between the book and the movie

No description

Florencia Pizarro

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of animal farm - differences between the book and the movie

Animal Farm
The book was published in 1945
He barely appears and
never makes use of any
of his mottoes in the film.
Snowball is gone and never seen again in the film. He's not blamed by the windmill destruction.
Things that are not mentioned in the film
1. Molly is not in the film

2. The renaming of Animal Farm back to Manor Farm never happens

3. The term "Animalism" is never used

4. There's no flag representing the farm

5. "Four legs good, two legs better!" heard near the end of the novel by the sheep, is never used in the film.
The end is different. The Napoleon meeting is with many other pigs, instead than with the humans.
Differences in characters
differences between
the book and the movie

animal farm
The movie was released in 1954
His death occurs in a different moment
Old Major' speech is shorter and different than in the book
~Old Major~
He is Boxer's best friend and
is one of the main characters.
Animals from that farm and some others unite to fight
against Napoleon. Benjamin leads the group.
The renaming of "Animal Farm" back to
"Manor Farm" never happens in the film.
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